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The Press was founded in 1904, primarily as an outlet to publish academic research being carried out within the Victoria University of Manchester. Today, the Press is an international concern, publishing work by authors from all over the world and selling books to a global audience.

Throughout this century the Press has maintained its links with the University, and views its relationship with the University as an integral aspect of its future development. Manchester University Press is the third largest University Press in the U.K and publishes textbooks for use by academics teaching in higher education, students and the interested general reader. Currently publishing 145 new titles a year, 14 journals and around 60 reprints from its extensive backlist, the Press sells more than 150,000 books each year.


Latest books

A history of the case study
Lang, Birgit; Damousi, Joy; Lewis, Alison (2017) Manchester University Press, 9780719099434 Hardback £75
Between earth and heaven
Kramer, Johanna (2017) Manchester University Press, 9781526118530 Paperback £26.99
English Benedictine nuns in exile in the seventeenth century
Laurence Lux-Sterritt (2017) Manchester University Press, 9781526110022 Hardback £75
Indispensable immigrants
Little, Lester K. (2017) Manchester University Press, 9781526116697 Paperback £20
Peacemaking in the Middle Ages
Benham, J. E. M. (2017) Manchester University Press, 9781526116680 Paperback £25
Protest and the politics of space and place, 1789–1848
Navickas, Katrina (2017) Manchester University Press, 9781526116703 Paperback £20
Religious Franks
(2017) Manchester University Press, 9781526118547 Paperback £32.5
The face of medicine
Hunter, Mary (2017) Manchester University Press, 9781526118820 Paperback £19.99
The politics of vaccination
(2017) Manchester University Press, 9781526110886 Hardback £75
After 1851
(2017) Manchester University Press, 9780719096495 Hardback £75