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Latest books

British Civilization
Oakland, John (2015) Routledge, 9780415746892 Paperback £24.99
Gendering the Settler State
Law, Kate (2015) Routledge, 9781138916098 Hardback £90
Ireland's Great Famine and Popular Politics
Delaney, Enda;Mac Suibhne, Breandán (2015) Routledge, 9780415836302 Hardback £90
Italy and Its Eastern Border
Cattaruzza, Marina (2015) Routledge, 9781138791749 Hardback £90
Jesuits at the Margins
Coello de la Rosa, Alexandre (2015) Routledge, 9781138955585 Hardback £90
The Global History of the Balfour Declaration
Rhett, Maryanne A. (2015) Routledge, 9781138119413 Hardback £85
The Historiography of Transition
Pombeni, Paolo (2015) Routledge, 9781138122444 Hardback £85
The Holocaust in the Twenty-First Century
Seymour, David M.; Camino, Mercedes (2015) Routledge, 9781138124769 Hardback £85
Trading Environments
Winder, Gordon M; Dix, Andreas (2015) Routledge, 9781138933446 Hardback £90
Travelling Notions of Culture in Early Nineteenth-Century Europe
Salmi, Hannu; Nivala, Asko (2015) Routledge, 9781138122437 Hardback £85