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Latest books

A New Type of History
Southgate, Beverley (2015) Routledge, 9781138848030 Hardback £85
Europe 1783–1914, 3rd Edition
Simpson, William Simpson; Jones, Martin (2015) Routledge, 9781138786530 Paperback £29.99
Greening the City
O'Reilly, Carole (2015) Routledge, 9780415720663 Hardback £85
Madness, A History
Pietikäinen, Petteri (2015) Routledge, 9780415713184 Paperback £29.99
Minor Knowledge and Microhistory
Magnússon, Sigurdur Gylfi; Ólafsson, Davíd (2015) Routledge, 9781138812079 Hardback £85
The Viking Diaspora
Jesch, Judith (2015) Routledge, 9781138020795 Paperback £24.99
The Witchcraft Sourcebook, Second Edition
Levack, Brian P. (2015) Routledge, 9781138774971 Paperback £29.99
Women in Higher Education, 1850-1970
Panayotidis, E. Lisa; Stortz, Paul (2015) Routledge, 9780415858045 Hardback £85
Women, Diplomacy and International Politics since 1500
Sluga, Glenda Sluga; James, Carolyn (2015) Routledge, 9780415714655 Paperback £26.99
A Chronology of the Crusades
Venning, Timothy; Frankopan, Peter (2015) Routledge, 9781138802698 Hardback £120