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Latest books

A Brief History of Pharmacy
Zebroski, Bob (2015) Routledge, 9780415537841 Paperback £29.99
British Imperialism
Cain, P.J. Cain; Hopkins, A. G. (2015) Routledge, 9781138817739 Paperback £39.99
Magical Consciousness
Greenwood, Susan E.J.; Goodwyn, Erik D. (2015) Routledge, 9781138850361 Hardback £85
Mexico's Uneven Development
Martinez, Oscar J. (2015) Routledge, 9781138840232 Paperback £32.99
New Perspectives on Russian-American Relations
Whisenhunt, William Benton; Saul, Norman E. (2015) Routledge, 9781138916234 Hardback £85
Belle La Follette
Unger, Nancy C. (2015) Routledge, 9781138779778 Paperback £22.99
Beyond Memory
Dessingué, Alexandre; Winter, Jay M. (2015) Routledge, 9781138826472 Hardback £85
Domestic Disturbances, Patriarchal Values
Muravyeva, Marianna (2015) Routledge, 9781138934870 Hardback £85
Harriet Tubman
Oertel, Kristen T. (2015) Routledge, 9780415825122 Paperback £22.99
Historical Justice
Neumann, Klaus (2015) Routledge, 9781138933002 Hardback £85