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Latest books

A Companion to Food in the Ancient World
Wilkins, John; Nadeau, Robin (2015) Wiley-Blackwell, 9781405179409 Hardback £120
A Companion to Julius Caesar
Griffin, Miriam (2015) Wiley-Blackwell, 9781119025573 Paperback £29.99
A Companion to Women in the Ancient World
James, Sharon L.; Dillon, Sheila (2015) Wiley-Blackwell, 9781119025542 Paperback £32.99
The Land of Ionia
Greaves, Alan M. (2015) Wiley-Blackwell, 9781119025566 Paperback £22
A Companion to the Punic Wars
Hoyos, Dexter (2015) Wiley-Blackwell, 9781119025504 Paperback £32.99
Big History and the Future of Humanity, 2nd Edition
Spier, Fred (2015) Wiley-Blackwell, 9781118881729 Paperback £19.99
The Bones of a King
Kennedy, Maev; Foxhall, Lin (2015) Wiley-Blackwell, 9781118783146 Hardback £18.99
A Companion to Global Environmental History
McNeill, J. R.; Mauldin, Erin Stewart (2015) Wiley-Blackwell, 9781118977538 Paperback £29.99
The Encyclopedia of the Roman Army
Le Bohec, Yann (2015) Wiley-Blackwell, 9781405176194 Hardback £350
A Companion to Augustine
Vessey, Mark (2015) Wiley-Blackwell, 9781119025559 Paperback £29.99