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Yale University Press, founded in New Haven, Connecticut in 1908, first established a marketing base in London in 1961, before going on to publish its own list of titles, alongside the books produced by its US head office, in 1973. Yale now has a unique position as the only American university press with a full-scale publishing operation in Europe, with a staff of over 40, including those working in its subsidiary marketing company, Yale Representation Ltd, and for the renowned Pevsner Architectural Guides programme.

Latest books

Across Legal Lines
Marglin, Jessica M. (2016) Yale University Press, 9780300218466 Hardback £65
August 1914
Cabanes, Professor Bruno; O'Hara, Stephanie (2016) Yale University Press, 9780300208276 Hardback £18.99
Blanche of Castile, Queen of France
Grant, Lindy (2016) Yale University Press, 9780300219265 Hardback £30
Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate
You, Yao-Fen; Hellman, Mimi; Saska, Hope (2016) Yale University Press, 9780300222500 Paperback £16.99
Collecting Food, Cultivating People
De Luna, Kathryn M. (2016) Yale University Press, 9780300218534 Hardback £60
Portrait of a Woman in Silk
Anishanslin, Zara (2016) Yale University Press, 9780300197051 Hardback £30
Revolutionary Horizons
McEwen, Abigail (2016) Yale University Press, 9780300216813 Hardback £50
The Art of Survival
Murphy, Libby (2016) Yale University Press, 9780300217513 Hardback £30
The Spartan Regime
Rahe, Paul Anthony (2016) Yale University Press, 9780300219012 Hardback £25
The United States and the Transatlantic Slave Trade to the Americas, 1776-1867
Marques, Leonardo (2016) Yale University Press, 9780300212419 Hardback £30