Theses completed (UK)

The influence of Hadith on the architecture of early congregational mosques.
Abdelrahman, Essam, Ph.D. (2010), Leeds (Kennedy, Hugh; Morris, Richard)
Expression and control: a study of working-class leisure and gender, 1918-39 (a case study of Rochdale using oral history methods)
Abendstern, Michele, Ph.D. (1986), Essex (Davidoff, Leonore)
Imagining Britain: heroism and the mediation of nationhood in the 18th century.
Adams, Matthew, Ph.D. (2002), Warwick (Jones, Colin; Steadman, Carolyn)
British diplomatic attitudes towards Japanese economic and political activities in Korea, South Manchuria, Kwantung and Shantung, 1904-22.
Adu, E.O., Ph.D. (1976), London (Sims, R.L.)
Great Britain and Iceland, 1800-20.
Agnarsdottir, Anna, Ph.D. (1989), London (McKay, D.)
Culture, power and resistance: post-colonialism, autobiography and Malaysian independence.
Ahmad, Sharifah S.W., Ph.D. (2010), Durham
Is there Pop Art in Korea?
Ahn, Selee, M.St. (2013), Oxford (Wright, Alastair)
A critical edition of 'al-Taʿrīf Bimā Anasat al-Hijramin Maʿālim Dār al-Hijra'.
al-Anazi, F.F., Ph.D. (2011), Durham
Spirituality, Islam and the state: the origins and disavowal of Sufism in the Ikhwan al-Muslimin.
al-Mansoury, Tammy, M.Phil. (2012), London (Fuccaro, Nelida)
Kuwait City: urbanisation, the built environment and the urban experience before and after oil.
al-Nakib, Farah, Ph.D. (2011), London (Fuccaro, Nelida)
Conflict and conversion on the Catholic missions of South-East Asia in the 16th and 17th centuries.
Alberts, Tara M.A., Ph.D. (2010), Cambridge (Laven, Mary R.)
Who's in power? A comparative study of energy policy in Britain and Denmark, 1950-80.
Andersen, T., Ph.D. (1986), Council for National Academic Awards
Remaking the country house: country-house guidebooks in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
Anderson, Jocelyn K., Ph.D. (2013), London (Stevenson, Christine)
At home, with the good horses: relationality, roles, identity and ideology in iron age inner Asia.
Argent, Gala, Ph.D. (2011), Leicester (Pluciennik, Mark; Barker, Graeme)
Hegemony amongst subordinates: the struggle for the Indian National Movement, 1928-9.
Ashton, Daniel R., M.St. (2013), Oxford (Devji, Faisal)
Who is a Sikh? Sikh politics and the partition of the Punjab.
Atwal, Rajpreet, M.St. (2012), Oxford (Devji, Faisal)
Fractured identities: constructions of Assamese identity in post-independence India.
Avis, William, Ph.D. (2012), Sheffield (Zachariah, Benjamin)
The evangelical chaplains in Bengal, 1786-1813.
Ayler, Scott D., Ph.D. (2009), Wales (Eldridge, Colin C.)
'Fadā il-i Balkh': a text, scholars and the city in pre-Mongol central Asia.
Azad, Arezou, D.Phil. (2010), Oxford (Hertzig, Edmund)
The normalisation of Malaysia's relations with China, 1970-4.
Baginda, Abdul R.A., D.Phil. (2009), Oxford (Foot, Rosemary)