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Latest reviews

Railways and The Raj: How the Age of Steam Transformed India / Christian Wolmar

Thursday, 31 May, 2018

Aparajita Mukhopadhyay and Christian Wolmar discuss a history of Indian railways which attempts to straddle the world of academic monographs and popular history.

The Protestant Reformation - a review article / Benjamin M. Guyer

Thursday, 14 June, 2018

Benjamin Guyer analyzes three substantive works published to mark the Reformation’s fifth centennial and offers some broad considerations about the state of Reformation scholarship.

Anna of Denmark and Henrietta Maria: Virgins, Witches, and Catholic Queens / Susan Dunn-Hensley

Thursday, 7 June, 2018

Aidan Norrie and the author discuss an interesting, if sometimes simplistic, reconsideration of these two queens.

Experiencing Empire: Power, People, and Revolution in Early America / ed. Patrick Griffin

Thursday, 7 June, 2018

Hunter Harris praises an insightful collection of essays, covering consumerism and the American Revolution, with the central theme of the collection being the experience of empire itself.