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Latest reviews

Leadership and the Labour Party: Narrative and Performance / John Gaffney

Thursday, 16 November, 2017

Christopher Massey believes this book provides vital reading for all interested in Ed Miliband’s leadership of the Labour Party and the development of political narrative and performance.

The Benefits of Peace: Private Peacemaking in Late Medieval Italy / Glenn Kumhera

Thursday, 16 November, 2017

Alexandra Lee and the author discuss a book which provides a deeper insight into the complicated practices of private peacemaking in medieval Italy.

Letters of the Catholic Poor: Poverty in Independent Ireland, 1920-1940 / Lindsey Earner-Byrne

Thursday, 16 November, 2017

David Kilgannon praises a book which challenges other historians of 20th-century Ireland to ‘people their pasts’.

The Uses of the Bible in Crusader Sources / eds. Elizabeth Lapina, Nicholas Morton

Thursday, 16 November, 2017

Stephen Spencer recommends a book which adds substantially to our understanding of the sources and the intellectual milieu of their authors.