Afghanistan is a refereed journal published twice a year in April and October. It covers all subjects in the humanities including history, art, archaeology, architecture, geography, numismatics, literature, religion, social sciences and contemporary issues from the pre-Islamic and Islamic periods. Articles are not restricted to the present borders of Afghanistan and can include the surrounding regions, but must relate to Afghanistan.

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Published on behalf of the American Institute of Afghanistan Studies

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Volume 1 (2)

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Contextualizing Mes Aynak
Deborah Klimburg-Salter, vol. 1 (2): 213-238
A prolegomenon to the study of pottery stamps from Mes Aynak
Judith A. Lerner, vol. 1 (2): 239-256
The Shaykh al-Islam in Medieval Khurasan
Shivan Mahendrarajah, vol. 1 (2): 257-281
Khandut revisited: Monuments, shrines, and newly discovered rock art in Wakhan District
John Mock, vol. 1 (2): 282-301
The restored mausoleum of Abu'l-Walid in Herat: Challenges in heritage restoration in Afghanistan
Abdul Wasay Najimi, vol. 1 (2): 302-336
Recent books relating to Afghanistan
vol. 1 (2): 337-338

Volume 1 (1)

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Warwick Ball, vol. 1 (1): 0-0
Introduction: The American Institute of Afghanistan Studies
Thomas Barfield, vol. 1 (1): 1-3
Incorporating north-western Afghanistan into the British empire: experiments in indirect rule through the making of an imperial frontier, 1884–87
Francesca Fuoli, vol. 1 (1): 4-25
From Persianate pasts to Aryan antiquity. Transnationalism and transformation in Afghan intellectual history, c.1880–1940
Nile Green, vol. 1 (1): 26-67
Afghan internationalism and the question of Afghanistan's political legitimacy
Elisabeth Leake, vol. 1 (1): 68-94
Le monastère de Qol-e-Tut à la lumière des fouilles archéologiques
Zafar Paiman, vol. 1 (1): 95-121
Alptegin in the Siyāsat-nāma
Jürgen Paul, vol. 1 (1): 122-140
How Alexander entered India ; With a note on Ortospana (the ancient name of Ghazni?)
Claude Rapin, vol. 1 (1): 141-181
The hydrological networks of the Balkh Oasis after the arrival of Islam: a landscape archaeological perspective
Paul Wordsworth, vol. 1 (1): 182-208
Recent books relating to Afghanistan
vol. 1 (1): 209-210