Annual Bulletin of Historical Literature

Published on behalf of the Historical Association, the Annual Bulletin of Historical Literature (ABHL) is a unique publication, providing a selective and critical analysis of new historical books, journals and journal articles. Epoch by epoch and area by area, ABHL provides an indispensable guide to recent work by established and emerging scholars from around the world.

This indispensable research tool is now an online resource.

For the first time, the wealth of information published in the journal each year is available in database form, making it possible for researchers and students to find exactly what they need - quickly and easily. Sophisticated searching and browsing facilities provide a range of options and parameters for locating specific publications, or particular themes within the journal. In addition, wherever you see a hyperlinked book in ABHLO you can click on the title to get the full review of the book publishing in History.

Reviews, all written by acknowledged experts and extensively cross-referenced, place new works in the context of ongoing and emerging debates. Each review features the price and publisher of the work and a discussion of its most salient features. ABHL is an essential course preparation resource for university and college lecturers and sixth-form teachers. It is also an invaluable research aid for librarians building collections, university students and all historians engaged in research. The ABHL is now published in print as the fifth issue of History.

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Latest articles

Volume 95 (1)

I Ancient History
D.R. Nightingale, vol. 95 (1): 1-3
II Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages (300–900)
P.S. Barnwell, vol. 95 (1): 4-11
III The Central Middle Ages (900–1200)
Bernard Gowers, vol. 95 (1): 12-21
IV The Later Middle Ages (1200–1500)
James Davis, Rosa Vidal Doval, vol. 95 (1): 22-41
V Eighteenth Century
Martyn Powell, Malcolm Crook, vol. 95 (1): 42-64
VI Nineteenth-Century British History
Lucinda Matthews-Jones, Bob Nicholson, vol. 95 (1): 65-86
VII Twentieth Century
Keith Laybourn, R. Gerald Hughes, vol. 95 (1): 87-114
VIII The United States of America
Adam Burns, Matthew Dziennik, Robert Mason, Finn Pollard, vol. 95 (1): 115-148
IX Korea
James Grayson, vol. 95 (1): 149-150
vol. 95 (1): 151-172

Volume 94 (1)

I Ancient History
D.R. Nightingale, vol. 94 (1): 1-4
II Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages (300–900)
P.S. Barnwell, vol. 94 (1): 5-12
III The Central Middle Ages (900–1200)
C.P. Lewis, vol. 94 (1): 13-37
IV Later Middle Ages (1200–1500)
James Davis, vol. 94 (1): 38-58
V Sixteenth Century
Ian Warren, vol. 94 (1): 59-66
VI Seventeenth Century
Martyn Bennett, vol. 94 (1): 67-81
VII Eighteenth Century
Martyn Powell, vol. 94 (1): 82-102
VIII Nineteenth Century
Lucinda Matthews-Jones, vol. 94 (1): 103-135
IX Twentieth Century
Keith Laybourn, vol. 94 (1): 136-165
X Africa
Paul Nugent, vol. 94 (1): 166-170