Archives of Natural History

Archives of natural history (formerly the Journal of the Society for the Bibliography of Natural History) publishes peer-reviewed papers on the history and bibliography of natural history in its broadest sense, and in all periods and all cultures. This is taken to include botany, general biology, geology, palaeontology and zoology, the lives of naturalists, their publications, correspondence and collections, and the institutions and societies to which they belong. Bibliographical papers concerned with the study of rare books, manuscripts and illustrative material, and analytical and enumerative bibliographies are also published.

Archives of natural history is published by Edinburgh University Press on behalf of the Society for the History of Natural History.

Publishes 2 issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 45 (2)

Front matter
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Back matter
vol. 45 (2): -
Practising taxonomy: Joel Asaph Allen and species-making (W. T. Stearn Prize 2017)
vol. 45 (2): 197-212
Linnaeus, smut disease and living contagion
vol. 45 (2): 213-232
John Conrad Hansen (1869–1952) and his scientific illustrations
vol. 45 (2): 233-244
Michael Tweedie, Woutera van Benthem Jutting and the Mollusca of Malaya's limestone hills
vol. 45 (2): 245-259
Alexander Morrison Stewart (1861–1948): noteworthy naturalist from Paisley, Scotland
vol. 45 (2): 260-266
Live protist curation at the Scottish Association for Marine Science, 1884–2017
vol. 45 (2): 267-282
Charles Deering (c. 1690–1749): author of an early flora of Nottingham
vol. 45 (2): 283-291
William Smyth (1838–1913), a commercial taxidermist of Dunedin, New Zealand
vol. 45 (2): 292-308
Chronicling the discovery of the British and Irish native floras – Richard Pulteney's overlooked contribution
vol. 45 (2): 309-316
Alwyn Hasso von Wedel (1873–1957): bird and plant collector on the Caribbean coast of Panama
vol. 45 (2): 317-334
John Hunter's Directions for preserving animals
vol. 45 (2): 335-349
The Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, 1902–1904: reconstructing the missing geological report
vol. 45 (2): 350-362
Nineteenth-century Chinese watercolours of Paradisaea minor in the library of the Zoological Society of London
vol. 45 (2): 363-366
Alfred Russel Wallace notes 8: Wallace's earliest exposures to the writings of Alexander von Humboldt
vol. 45 (2): 366-369
A memoir of Hugh Miller (1802–1856) by Harriet M. Taylor
vol. 45 (2): 369-372
Lembos websteri Bate, 1857 (Crustacea: Amphipoda) honoured the dredger-naturalist William Webster (c. 1815–1881)
vol. 45 (2): 372-375
William Metcalfe (1804–1873), barrister and conchologist
vol. 45 (2): 375-378
LASSER, Ethan W. (editor). The philosophy chamber: art and science in Harvard's teaching cabinet, 1766–1820.
vol. 45 (2): 379-380