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Arms & Armour is a leading multidisciplinary journal publishing research from scholars around the world on the use, development, decoration and display of arms and armour throughout history. The journal engages with many areas of academic study including ancient, medieval, military and modern history; the history of science and technology; the fine and visual arts; design; ballistics; forensic science; war and conflict studies and museology. The journal also includes reviews of recently published books, and announcements and accounts of seminars, conferences and events.

Arms & Armour, formerly the Royal Armouries Yearbook, is edited under the auspices of the Royal Armouries, the UK's national museum of arms and armour. Articles are anonymously peer reviewed by leading experts in the field.

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Latest articles

Volume 15 (2)

JOHN WALLER—A Life Remembered
Guy Wilson, vol. 15 (2): 113-121
A Sign of Victory?: ‘Scottish Swords’ and Other Weapons in the Possession of the ‘Auld Innemie’
Ralph Moffat, vol. 15 (2): 122-143
‘Brown Bess’ vs ‘Miss Minie’
Jonathan Ferguson, vol. 15 (2): 144-148
Thomas Firth and Sons – Steelmakers to the Arms Industries. Part 2: Heavy Armaments
Peter G. Smithurst, vol. 15 (2): 149-162
Dundee-made harpoon gun associated with H. M. S. Challenger
P. Geoff Moore, vol. 15 (2): 163-171
Godsal Bullpup 11005: The Story of an English Test Rifle in Montreal
Khan Rooney, vol. 15 (2): 172-190
How to Read European Armor
Scot Hurst, vol. 15 (2): 191-192
Moravian Gunmaking II: Bethlehem to Christian’s Spring
Jonathan Ferguson, vol. 15 (2): 193-195

Volume 15 (1)

Collecting Oriental and Asiatic Arms and Armour: The Activities of British and East India Company Officers, c.1800-1850
Malcolm Mercer, vol. 15 (1): 1-21
The Enfield Lock Barrel Mill of 1815 and Moves to Replace Musket Barrel Grinding by Turning c1780 to c1840
David Williams, vol. 15 (1): 22-57
A Uniquely Important Napoleonic Memorial Sword
Graeme Rimer, vol. 15 (1): 58-82
Statistical Analysis as an Adjunct to Historical Research: Identification of the Likely Manufacturers of British Pattern 1907 Bayonets Supplied by the Birmingham Small Arms Company to the Siamese Government in 1920
John M. Ballard, vol. 15 (1): 83-95
William Siborne’s Second Waterloo Model: New Discoveries Emerging from Conservation
Cymbeline Storey, vol. 15 (1): 96-110
Gun Culture in Early Modern England
Jonathan Ferguson, vol. 15 (1): 111-112

Volume 12 (1)

Thom Richardson, vol. 12 (1): 1-3
The French 75 mm Modèle 1897 Field Gun
Nicholas Hall, vol. 12 (1): 4-21
Armour in Henry V’s Great Wardrobe
Thom Richardson, vol. 12 (1): 22-29
Early 18th-Century Military or Militia Pistols in the Armoury of the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry at Boughton House: An Important Example of the Products of the London—Low Countries Supply Chain
David Williams, vol. 12 (1): 30-44
The Tower at War 1914–18: Foreman Buckingham Goes To War
Bridget Clifford, vol. 12 (1): 45-52
The Chemistry of Swords: Using Analytical Chemistry Techniques to Investigate Medieval Swords
John Worley, vol. 12 (1): 53-66