Australian Economic History Review

The Australian Economic History Review is concerned with the historical treatment of economic, social and business issues, particularly relating to the countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia and New Zealand, and parts of the region. Papers examine these issues not only from the perspective of economic history but also from the related disciplines of history, economics, history of economic thought, industrial relations, demography, sociology, politics and business studies. New methodological approaches are particularly welcome. The editors also wish to promote the exchange of critical comments on important topics in these fields.

In addition to its role as a leading journal of scholarly articles in the broad discipline of economic history, the Australian Economic History Review aims to provide a forum for frank and informal views on the teaching, research and institutional location of economic history.

Triennially: March, July, November.

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Latest articles

Volume 57 (1)

Issue Information
vol. 57 (1): 1-1
Sectoral Trends and Shocks in Australia's Economic Growth
Kym Anderson, vol. 57 (1): 2-21
Editors' Notes
vol. 57 (1): 130-131

Volume 56 (3)

Issue Information
vol. 56 (3): 245-245
A Comparison of Market Integration in Nineteenth-Century China and Japan
Ke Yao, Xiao-Ping Zheng, vol. 56 (3): 246-271
Volume Contents
vol. 56 (3): 337-339

Volume 56 (2)

Issue Information
vol. 56 (2): 113-113
Aspects of Productivity
Martin Shanahan, Rajabrata Banerjee, vol. 56 (2): 115-124
The Contribution of Wheat to Australian Agriculture from 1861 to 1939
Rajabrata Banerjee, Martin Shanahan, vol. 56 (2): 125-150
The Geography of Inventiveness in the Primary Sector: Some Initial Results for New Zealand, 1880–1895
Rebecca Williams, Les Oxley, vol. 56 (2): 151-173
A tale of two SICs: Japanese and American industrialisation in historical perspective
John P. Tang, vol. 56 (2): 174-197
A Tale of Two Tails: Establishment Size and Labour Productivity in United States and German Manufacturing at the Start of the Twentieth Century
Joost Veenstra, Herman Jong, vol. 56 (2): 198-220
Uniform Service, Uniform Productivity? Regional Efficiency of the Imperial German Postal, Telegraph, and Telephone Service
Florian Ploeckl, vol. 56 (2): 221-243

Volume 55 (3)

Editors' Notes
Lionel Frost, Andrew Seltzer, vol. 55 (3): 235-237
Biology, Complexion, and Socioeconomic Status: Accounting for Nineteenth Century Body Mass Index by Race
Scott Alan Carson, vol. 55 (3): 238-255
Simon Ville and Glenn Withers (eds), The Cambridge Economic History of Australia. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015. 668 + xxi pp. ISBN: 9787 1 107 0249 1. Hardcover £120.
Stephen Broadberry, vol. 55 (3): 301-310
Marjorie Harper and Douglas Copland, Scholar, Economist, Diplomat. Melbourne: Miegunyah Press, 2013. ix + 548 pp. ISBN: 9780522862843. Hardback, $59.99 in Australian dollars.
Stuart Macintyre, vol. 55 (3): 311-313
Kerrie Round and Martin Shanahan, From Protection to Competition: The Politics of Trade Practices Reform in Australia. Sydney: The Federation Press, 2015. xi + 244 pp. ISBN 978 1 86287 969 0. Hardcover A$125.
David Merrett, vol. 55 (3): 313-315
Clare Wright, The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka. Melbourne: Text Publishing, 2013. 539 pp. ISBN: 9781922147370. Hardback $45.
Kosmas Tsokhas, vol. 55 (3): 315-317
Howard Cox and Simon Mowatt, Revolutions from Grub Street: A History of Magazine Publishing in Britain. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014. 288 pp. ISBN: 978 0 19 960163 9. Hardcover A$71.95.
Jennifer Laing, vol. 55 (3): 317-318