Australian Historical Studies

Australian Historical Studies is a refereed journal publishing original and previously unpublished (online or hard copy) articles. First published in 1940, it is now one of Australia's oldest, best-known and most highly-regarded academic journals, which ERA rate as A. It receives contributions from leading academics in the field. It is published in March, June and December each year.
Australian Historical Studies deals with all aspects of the history of Australia-New Zealand, and Pacific regional issues and with other histories insofar as they significantly inform the understanding of this history. All varieties of history are welcomed.

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Latest articles

Volume 49 (4)

Untidy Histories and ‘Truth-Telling’ in Australia
vol. 49 (4): 433-436
Introduction - New Histories of Sexuality
vol. 49 (4): 437-440
‘The New Lesbian Sexual Revolution’: Lesbian Sex Radicals in Sydney during the 1980s and 1990s
vol. 49 (4): 441-456
Decriminalisation, Apology and Expungement: Sexual Citizenship and the Problem of Public Sex in Victoria
vol. 49 (4): 457-474
Twenty-First Century LGBTI Activism in Australia: The Limits of Equality
vol. 49 (4): 475-492
History-Making at the 2018 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras: Witches, Faggots, Dykes and Poofters, the Museum of Love and Protest, the 2018 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade, and Riot
vol. 49 (4): 493-500
The Uluru Statement and the Promises of Truth
vol. 49 (4): 501-509
The Japanese Antarctic Expedition and the Idea of White Australia
vol. 49 (4): 510-526
The Significance of the Northern Territory in the Formulation of ‘White Australia’ Policies, 1880–1901
vol. 49 (4): 527-545
Weston Bate (1924–2017)
vol. 49 (4): 546-549
Dancing with the King: The Rise and Fall of the King Country, 1864–1885
vol. 49 (4): 550-551
Tuai: A Traveller in Two Worlds
vol. 49 (4): 551-552
Aboriginal Biocultural Knowledge in South-Eastern Australia: Perspectives of Early Colonists
vol. 49 (4): 552-553
River Dreams: The People and Landscape of the Cooks River
vol. 49 (4): 553-554
Terania Creek and the Forging of Modern Environmental Activism
vol. 49 (4): 554-555
Shame and the Anti-Feminist Backlash: Britain, Ireland and Australia, 1890–1920
vol. 49 (4): 555-557
Beyond the Silver Screen: A History of Women, Filmmaking and Film Culture in Australia 1920–1990
vol. 49 (4): 557-558
Girl Talk: One Hundred Years of Australian Girls’ Childhood
vol. 49 (4): 558-559
The Empire’s Patriotic Fund: Public Benevolence and the Boer War in an Australian Colony
vol. 49 (4): 559-560
Australians and the First World War: Local-Global Connections and Contexts
vol. 49 (4): 560-561