Britain and the World: Historical Journal of The British Scholar Society

Britain and the World: Historical Journal of The British Scholar Society is a journal of 'British world' history. The editors invite research articles, review essays, and book reviews from historians of all ranks on the ways in which Britain has interacted with other societies since the seventeenth century.  The journal is sponsored by The British Scholar Society.

Britain and the World focuses on Britain’s global history in the modern era, which is defined as beginning with the changes ushered in by the seventeenth century as these set Britain on a course towards world power status. The focus on the history of the 'British world' is unique amongst all journals concerned with British history.

Published March & September

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Latest articles

Volume 11 (2)

Front matter
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Imperial Networks
John M. MacKenzie, vol. 11 (2): 149-152
Flooding the Networks: The Aftermath of the South African Constabulary, 1902–14
Scott C. Spencer, vol. 11 (2): 153-172
Coal, Rail and Victorians in the South African Veld. The Convergence of Colonial Elites and Finance Capital in the Stormberg Mountains of the Eastern Cape, 1880–1910
Pat Gibbs, vol. 11 (2): 173-194
Replying to a Crisis: James Macpherson's The Rights of Great Britain Asserted against the Claims of America
Paul J. deGategno, vol. 11 (2): 195-211
Mapping Senegambia: Legacies of Ambition and the Failure of an Early Colonial Venture
Sven Outram-Leman, vol. 11 (2): 212-231
See No Evil, Hear No Evil: The First Thatcher Government and the Problem of North Korea, 1979–1983
Tae Joon Won, vol. 11 (2): 232-255
Benjamin Mountford, Britain, China, and Colonial Australia
Stan Neal, vol. 11 (2): 256-258
Michelle Tusan, The British Empire and the Armenian Genocide: Humanitarianism and Imperial Politics from Gladstone to Churchill
Leslie Rogne Schumacher, vol. 11 (2): 258-260
Michael Belgrave, Dancing with the King: The Rise and Fall of the King Country, 1864–1885
Lyndall Ryan, vol. 11 (2): 260-262
Andrekos Varnava, Serving the Empire in the Great War: The Cypriot Mule Corps, imperial loyalty and silenced memory
Antigone Heraclidou, vol. 11 (2): 263-264
David C. Atkinson, The Burden of White Supremacy: Containing Asian Migration in the British Empire and the United States
Cornelis Heere, vol. 11 (2): 264-266

Volume 10 (2)

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vol. 10 (2): -
Back matter
vol. 10 (2): -
‘Bogeys’ Past and Present
John M. MacKenzie, vol. 10 (2): 131-134
Exporting a Prince, Ideas and Institutions to Greece, 1862–4: Mid–Victorian Perceptions of Britain's Stand and Mission in the World
Pandeleimon Hionidis, vol. 10 (2): 135-154
Politics and Ideology: Lord Moyne, Palestine and Zionism 1939–1944
Ronen Yitzhak, vol. 10 (2): 155-169
Policing Communism Across the ‘White Man's World’: Anti-Communist Co-operation between Australia, South Africa and Britain in the Early Cold War
Evan Smith, vol. 10 (2): 170-196
Disease and Civilization: A Scottish Atlantic Network of Physicians in the Enlightenment
Sarah Irving-Stonebraker, vol. 10 (2): 197-216