Cold War History

Cold War History is based in the Cold War Studies Centre at the London School of Economics. It aims to make available to the general public the results of recent research on the origins and development of the Cold War and its impact on nations, alliances and regions at various levels of statecraft, as well as in areas such as the military and intelligence, the economy, and social and intellectual developments. The new history of the Cold War is a fascinating example of how experts -- often working across national and disciplinary boundaries -- are able to use newly available information to refine, or in some cases destroy, old images and interpretations. Cold War History aims at publishing the best of this emerging scholarship, from a perspective that attempts to de-centre the era through paying special attention to the role of Europe and the Third World. The journal welcomes contributions from historians and representatives of other disciplines on all aspects of the global Cold War and its present repercussions.

Four issues a year.

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Latest articles

Human rights and the Cold War: the campaign to halt the Argentine 'dirty war'
Schmidli, William Michael, ONLINE EARLY

Volume 19 (1)

The Colombo Powers: crafting diplomacy in the Third World and launching Afro-Asia at Bandung
vol. 19 (1): 1-19
‘The essential weaknesses of the December 1979 “Agreement”’: the White House and the implementing of the dual-track decision
vol. 19 (1): 21-38
Troublemaker or peacemaker? Andreas Papandreou, the Euromissile Crisis, and the policy of peace, 1981–86
vol. 19 (1): 39-61
Navigating global socialism: Tanzanian students in and beyond East Germany
vol. 19 (1): 63-83
East German pragmatism, China’s policy of differentiation, and Soviet miscalculation: Hermann Matern’s 1961 trip to China revisited
vol. 19 (1): 85-99
The fateful Indian recognition of West Germany, 1949
vol. 19 (1): 101-117
The German question in Jakarta Indonesia in West Germany’s foreign policy, 1955–65
vol. 19 (1): 119-140

Volume 18 (4)

The Cold War as comparative political thought
vol. 18 (4): 385-408
War veterans, international politics, and the early Cold War, 1945–50
vol. 18 (4): 409-427
Comrades-in-arms: the Chinese Communist Party’s relations with African political organisations in the Mao era, 1949–76
vol. 18 (4): 429-445
Human rights and basic needs: Jimmy Carter’s North-South dialogue, 1977–81
vol. 18 (4): 447-464
To adapt to the Cold War bipolar order? Or to challenge it? Macmillan and de Gaulle’s rift in the face of the Second Berlin Crisis
vol. 18 (4): 465-483
‘Dog-beating stick’: General Zhang Aiping’s contribution to the modernisation of China’s nuclear force and strategy since 1977
vol. 18 (4): 485-501
Soviet ‘renegades’, Black Panthers, and Angela Davis: the politics of dissent in the Soviet press, 1968–73
vol. 18 (4): 503-519
Safeguarding democratic capitalism: US foreign policy and national security, 1920–2015
vol. 18 (4): 521-522
Vietnam’s American war: a history
vol. 18 (4): 523-525
From Selma to Moscow: how human rights activists transformed U.S. foreign policy
vol. 18 (4): 525-528

Volume 18 (3)

Beyond the Kremlin’s reach? Eastern Europe and China in the Cold War era
vol. 18 (3): 251-256
Performing socialist Hungary in China: ‘modern, Magyar, European’
vol. 18 (3): 257-274