Costume is a scholarly, refereed publication presenting current research into historic and contemporary dress. The journal publishes articles from a broad chronological period and with a worldwide remit; it maintains a balance between practice and theory and concentrates on the social significance of dress.

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Volume 52 (2)

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Valerie Cumming, vol. 52 (2): 161-162
The Garter Robes on the Effigy of Charles II at Westminster Abbey
David Wilcox, vol. 52 (2): 163-187
The Sterb-Spiegel: A Fashionable Eighteenth-Century Dance of Death
Karin J. Bohleke, vol. 52 (2): 188-216
‘Colonial livery’ and the chemise à la reine, 1779–1784
Jane Ashelford, vol. 52 (2): 217-239
British Quaker Women's Fashionable Adaptation of their Plain Dress, 1860–1914
Hannah Rumball, vol. 52 (2): 240-260
Clothing in Context — Nineteenth-Century Dress and Textiles in the Thomas Hardy Archive
Lucy Johnston, vol. 52 (2): 261-284
New and Recent Books
Anna Buruma, vol. 52 (2): 285-289
Donald J. LaRocca, How to Read European Armor
Tobias Capwell, vol. 52 (2): 290-291
Elizabeth Currie, Fashion and Masculinity in Renaissance Florence
Jane Ashelford, vol. 52 (2): 291-292
Margaret Spufford and Susan Mee, The Clothing of the Common Sort 1570–1700
Danae Tankard, vol. 52 (2): 292-293
Timothy Campbell, Historical Style: Fashion and the New Mode of History, 1740–1830
Susan North, vol. 52 (2): 294-295
Carolyn A. Day, Consumptive Chic: A History of Beauty, Fashion, and Disease
Alison Matthews David, vol. 52 (2): 295-296
Bianca M. Du Mortier, Costume and Fashion, Rijksmuseum
Miles Lambert, vol. 52 (2): 296-297
Cheryl Buckley and Hazel Clark, Fashion and Everyday Life: London and New York
Victoria Kelley, vol. 52 (2): 297-298
Peter Kimpton, Edwardian Ladies’ Hat Fashions. Where did you get that hat?
Grace Evans, vol. 52 (2): 299-300
Catherine Tackley, Rhythm & Reaction: The Age of Jazz in Britain
Alice Mackrell, vol. 52 (2): 300-300
Suzanne Rowland, Making Vintage 1920s Clothes for Women; Sarah Magill, Making Vintage 1940s Clothes for Women
Jill Salen, vol. 52 (2): 301-301
Gary Chapman, Dolly Tree, A Dream of Beauty
Veronica Isaac, vol. 52 (2): 302-303