Costume Journal of the Costume Society

Costume is a scholarly, refereed publication presenting current research into historic and contemporary dress. The journal publishes articles from a broad chronological period and with a worldwide remit; it maintains a balance between practice and theory and concentrates on the social significance of dress. The journal also includes reviews and listings of new books, journal articles and exhibitions.

The editorial team’s complementary expertise and experience as curators, writers and lecturers ensure a wide network of contacts throughout the diverse world of dress and textile studies. Articles are welcomed from both established researchers and those new to the field.

Papers published in Costume are sent out for peer review to ensure that they are of a high standard and make an original contribution to dress studies.

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Latest articles

Volume 49 (2)

vol. 49 (2): 151-151
The Creation of the Costume Society: A Personal Memoir
Roy Strong, vol. 49 (2): 153-157
Mirrors and Sight: or How Do I Look in This?
Naomi E. A. Tarrant, vol. 49 (2): 158-167
Dressed in Blue: The Impact of Woad on English Clothing, c. 1350–c. 1670
Maria Hayward, vol. 49 (2): 168-185
Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion
Jenny Tiramani, vol. 49 (2): 186-197
Reconstructing Jane Austen’s Silk Pelisse, 1812–1814
Hilary Davidson, vol. 49 (2): 198-223
A Life in Costume: How the Journal Recorded the Costume Society
Alexandra Kim, vol. 49 (2): 224-230
New and Recent Books
Anna Buruma, vol. 49 (2): 231-235
Preface: Reviews and Reviewing 1965–2015
Christine Stevens, vol. 49 (2): 236-260
The Costume Society Jubilee Awards 2015
vol. 49 (2): 261-262

Volume 49 (1)

Valerie Cumming, vol. 49 (1): 1-2
Elizabeth Hammond’s Collection and the Kent Costume Trust: An Appreciation
Judith Doré, vol. 49 (1): 3-7
‘An old and faithful servand’: A Pair of Early Seventeenth-Century Gauntlet Gloves given by King Charles I to Sir Henry Wardlaw
Claire Robinson, vol. 49 (1): 8-31
Giles Moore’s Clothes:The Clothing of a Sussex Rector,1656–1679
Danae Tankard, vol. 49 (1): 32-54
Gendered by Design: Qipao and Society, 1911–1949
Sandy Ng, vol. 49 (1): 55-74
Striking a Pose: The Display of Hollywood Costume
Sam Gatley, vol. 49 (1): 75-90
Fifty Articles for Fifty Years
Valerie Cumming, vol. 49 (1): 91-99
Selective List of Recent Articles from Periodicals
Pat Poppy, vol. 49 (1): 100-109
Selective List of Recent Dress Exhibitions
Imogen Stewart, vol. 49 (1): 110-117
Book Reviews
vol. 49 (1): 118-142