Early Medieval China

Established in 1994, Early Medieval China is the world's only journal dedicated to the transformative period roughly between the end of the Han and beginning of the Tang eras (ca. 220–589). This interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal explores all aspects of Chinese history, literature, society, religion and thought, and material culture of China's early medieval age.


  • History and culture of the Southern and Northern Dynasties, as well as relevant developments during the late Han and early Tang
  • Belles-lettres and literary criticism of the period
  • Religious and philosophical movements
  • Ethnic minorities and interactions among Chinese and non-native dynasties
  • Art and archaeology
  • Scientific and technological inventions
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Latest articles

Volume 2015 (21)

Memo from the President of the Early Medieval China Group
Keith Knapp, vol. 2015 (21): 1-1
From Spirited Youth to Loyal Official: Life Writing and Didacticism in the Jin shu Biography of Wang Dao
Matthew V. Wells, vol. 2015 (21): 3-20
There's No Place Like Home: Xie Lingyun's Representation of His Estate in “Rhapsody on Dwelling in the Mountains”
Wendy Swartz, vol. 2015 (21): 21-37
Mapping Gender and Poetic Role in Early Medieval Poetry
Qiulei Hu, vol. 2015 (21): 38-62
Literary Controversy at the Liang Court Revisited
Nicholas Morrow Williams, vol. 2015 (21): 63-92
Richard B. Mather, vol. 2015 (21): 93-93

Volume 2014 (20)

Editor’s Note
vol. 2014 (20): 1-1
In the Shadows of “A New Account of Tales of the World”
Joseph R. Allen, vol. 2014 (20): 3-6
On the Name Shishuo xinyu
Albert E. Dien, vol. 2014 (20): 7-8
A New Note on Shishuo xinyu
Graham Sanders, vol. 2014 (20): 9-22
The Shishuo xinyu as Data Visualization
Jack W. Chen, vol. 2014 (20): 23-59
Emotional Regime of the Shishuo Xinyu
David Jonathan Felt, vol. 2014 (20): 60-82
Observations on the Life and Works of Liu Yiqing
Zhenjun Zhang, vol. 2014 (20): 83-104
A Selective Bibliography on Shishuo xinyu
Yue Zhang, vol. 2014 (20): 105-114