English Heritage Historical Review

English Heritage Historical Review publishes discoveries made through the documentation, surveying, excavation, scientific examination and historical interpretation of English Heritage properties. It is supported by the apparatus scholasticus necessary for verification, endorsement and further investigation. At the same time it is lavishly illustrated and produced to the highest production standards.

English Heritage Historical Review is published annually, usually carries 10 articles, and has up to 191 illustrations.

English Heritage owns or manages some 420 properties for public presentation, probably more than any other governmental body in the world, and including a wider chronological range—from prehistoric sites to Cold War bunkers. Its properties include landscapes as well as structures, and their contents, including major works of art.

Although an executive agency, not an academic institution, it necessarily thinks about the nature of its estate, including its historical nature, and it employs or engages professional historians, archaeologists and curators to do so.

Subject areas covered by the journal include:

  • Archaeology (including archaeological science and archaeological historiography)
  • Architectural history
  • Art history (including iconographical study, painting history, sculpture history and collection history)
  • Garden history
  • Furniture history
  • Military history
  • Political history
  • Social history
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Latest articles

Volume 8 (1)

Old Hardwick Hall
David Durant, vol. 8 (1): 4-17
Rufford Abbey and Ollerton Hall, Nottinghamshire: Alternative Interpretations
Pete Smith, vol. 8 (1): 18-35
The Dairy at Kenwood
Richard Hewlings, vol. 8 (1): 36-81
Comfort and Convenience at Audley End House
Marilyn Palmer, vol. 8 (1): 82-103
An Early 19th-Century Panoramic Room in Ashbourne
Melissa Thompson, vol. 8 (1): 104-113