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French History offers an important international forum for everyone interested in the latest research in the subject. It provides a broad perspective on contemporary debates from an international range of scholars, and covers the entire chronological range of French history from the early Middle Ages to the twentieth century. French History includes articles covering a wide range of enquiry across the arts and social sciences, as well as across historical periods, and a book reviews section that is essential reference for any serious student of French history.

Quarterly: March, June, September, December.

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Latest articles

Volume 30 (4)

'Several fanatics who talked only of killing kings: conspirators and regicides before the parlement de Paris in the wake of the assassination of Henri IV, 1610
Roussel, D., vol. 30 (4): 459-476
Rogue diplomacy: Sartine, Saint-Lubin and the French attempt to recover 'Lost India, 1776-80
Margerison, K., vol. 30 (4): 477-504
The 'interests of commerce: business failure in the Commercial Code Debates, 1801-07
Munson, J. R., vol. 30 (4): 505-525
Henri Barbusse, Stalin and the making of the Cominterns international policy in the 1930s
Ducoulombier, R., vol. 30 (4): 526-545
Mettray revisited in Jean Genets Le Langage de la muraille
Davis, O., vol. 30 (4): 546-566
The Sainte-Chapelle and the Construction of Sacral Monarchy: Royal Architecture in Thirteenth-Century Paris
Lillich, M. P., vol. 30 (4): 567-568
A Feast for the Eyes: Art, Performance, and the Late Medieval Banquet
Slavin, P., vol. 30 (4): 568-569
A Knight of Malta at the Court of Elizabeth I: The correspondence of Michel de Seure, French Ambassador, 1560-61
Buttigieg, E., vol. 30 (4): 569-571
The Cruelest of All Mothers: Marie de lIncarnation, Motherhood, and Christian Tradition
Reineke, M. J., vol. 30 (4): 571-572
Embezzlement and High Treason in Louis XIVs France: The Trial of Nicolas Fouquet
Goldner, E., vol. 30 (4): 572-573
The Camisard Uprising: War and Religion in the Cevennes
Strayer, B., vol. 30 (4): 574-575
Enlightenment and Utility: Bentham in French, Bentham in France
Welch, C. B., vol. 30 (4): 575-576
Shadows of Revolution: Reflections on France, Past and Present
Caiani, A. A., vol. 30 (4): 577-578
Becoming Bourgeois. Love, Kinship & Power in Provincial France, 1680-1880
Marraud, M., vol. 30 (4): 578-580
City of Noise: Sound and Nineteenth-Century Paris
Rearick, C., vol. 30 (4): 580-581
Poilu. The World War I Notebooks of Corporal Louis Barthas, Barrel maker 1914-1918 * Salete de guerre! Correspondance 1915-1916
Cross, M. F., vol. 30 (4): 582-583
Histoire du Front populaire: Lechappee belle
Seidman, M., vol. 30 (4): 584-586
Mussolinis Army in the French Riviera: Italys Occupation of France
Hadwiger, D., vol. 30 (4): 586-587
The Routes to Exile: France and the Spanish Civil War Refugees, 1939-2009
Wright, S., vol. 30 (4): 588-589
Economie et developpement durable: heritages historiques et defis actuels au sein du monde francophone
Saul, S., vol. 30 (4): 589-591