Gender and History

Gender & History is now established as the major international journal for research and writing on the history of gender relations, sexuality, and the semiotics of gender in a wide geographical and chronological scope. Scanning epochs and continents, Gender & History examines changing conceptions of gender, and maps the dialogue between femininities, masculinities and their historical contexts. The journal publishes rigorous and readable articles both on particular episodes in gender history and on broader methodological questions which have ramifications for the discipline as a whole.

Triennially: April, August, November.

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Latest articles

Volume 29 (3)

Issue Information
vol. 29 (3): 497-499
vol. 29 (3): 500-504
Introduction: Marriage's Global Past
Sara McDougall, Sarah M. S. Pearsall, vol. 29 (3): 505-528
The Portrayal of Marriage in Miracula in France, c.1000–1200
Elisabeth van, vol. 29 (3): 529-543
Christian Marriage between Tradition and Modernity: Catholic and Protestant Women and Marriage Education in Late Colonial Cameroon, 1939–1960
Charlotte Walker-Said, vol. 29 (3): 544-569
In Defence of Bigamy: Colonial Policy, Jewish Law and Gender in Venetian Crete
Rena N. Lauer, vol. 29 (3): 570-588
Customs in Common: Marriage, Law and the Making of Difference in Colonial Natal
Nafisa Essop Sheik, vol. 29 (3): 589-604
Between Sacrament, Sin and Crime: Mixed Marriages and the Roman Church in Early Modern Europe
Cecilia Cristellon, vol. 29 (3): 605-621
Marriage and the Construction of Colonial Order: Jurisdiction, Gender and Class in Seventeenth-century Dutch Batavia
Deborah Hamer, vol. 29 (3): 622-640
The Importance of Marrying ‘Straight’: Aboriginal Marriage and Mission Monogamy in Twentieth-century North Australia
Laura Rademaker, vol. 29 (3): 641-657
Private Lives, Public Spheres: Contesting Child Marriage at the Age of Independence in British Malaya, 1950
Jialin Christina Wu, vol. 29 (3): 658-674
Loving Like a Man: The Colourful Prophet, Conjugal Masculinity and the Politics of Hindu Sexology in Late Colonial India
Ishita Pande, vol. 29 (3): 675-692
Lesbian and Gay Marriage and Romantic Adjustment in the 1950s and 1960s United States
Stephen Vider, vol. 29 (3): 693-715
‘No Rituals and Formalities!’ Free Love, Unregistered Marriage and Alimony in Early Soviet Law and Family Life
Lauren Kaminsky, vol. 29 (3): 716-731
Afterword: Useful History
Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, vol. 29 (3): 732-741
New Histories of Marriage and Politics in Africa
INSA NOLTE, vol. 29 (3): 742-748
vol. 29 (3): 749-751

Volume 29 (1)

Issue Information
vol. 29 (1): 1-3
vol. 29 (1): 4-7
‘I Am a Slave Not a Wife’: Slave Women in Post-Proclamation Gold Coast (Ghana)
Alessandra Brivio, vol. 29 (1): 31-47