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Founded in 1938, The Historian has one of the largest circulations of any scholarly journal in the US or Britain with over 13,000 paid subscribers, both individual and institutional. The Historian seeks to publish only the finest of contemporary and relevant historical scholarship. It is the commitment of The Historian to serve as an integrator for the historical profession, bringing together the many strands of historical analysis through the publication of a diverse collection of articles. The Historian is also committed to promoting a comprehensive understanding of current historiographical debates and the most recent scholarship on contemporary historical concerns. In addition to its renown for the publication of original articles, The Historian is also noted for its extensive book review section. Running at an average of 100 pages per issue, and reflecting the general scope of the journal, this section covers a broad array of recently published scholarly monographs affording the reader an up to date survey of all fields of historical study. As part of its commitment to diversity and scholarship, The Historian encourages submissions from all levels of the historical profession and from all regional, temporal and thematic fields of history.

Quarterly: March, June, September, December.

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Latest articles

Volume 79 (4)

Issue Information
vol. 79 (4): 719-726
In Search of a Liberal Foreign Policy in Mid-Victorian Britain: Carnarvon, Clarendon, and Gladstone on the Dilessi Murders Episode of 1870
Pandeleimon Hionidis, vol. 79 (4): 727-751
Robert Ley's Dream of a Racist Utopia: The Welfare Program of the German People
Alfred C. Mierzejewski, vol. 79 (4): 752-776
Superstition and F-105 Pilots in Operation Rolling Thunder
Paul MacKenzie, vol. 79 (4): 777-793
Videogames as Tools for Social Science History
Vinicius Marino Carvalho, vol. 79 (4): 794-819
Note on the Fotić Document
Dragan Bakić, vol. 79 (4): 820-823
An Imperfect Occupation: Enduring the South African War. By John Boje. (Urbana, IL: University of Illinois Press, 2015. Pp. 243. $40.00.)
John Higginson, vol. 79 (4): 826-828
The Makers of the Modern Middle East. By T. G. Fraser, AndrewMango, and Robert McNamara. (2nd edition. London, United Kingdom: Gingko Library and distributed by the University of Chicago Press, 2015. Pp. ix, 390. $50.00.)
Roger Adelson, vol. 79 (4): 828-829
Making Freedom: Apartheid, Squatter Politics, and the Struggle for Home. By Anne-Maria Makhulu. (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2015. Pp. 228. $23.95.)
Jacob Dlamini, vol. 79 (4): 829-831
Science among the Ottomans: The Cultural Creation & Exchange of Knowledge. By Miri Shefer-Mossensohn. (Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, 2015. Pp. xvi, 246, $55.00.)
George Saliba, vol. 79 (4): 831-832
“My Greatest Quarrel with Fortune”: Major General Lew Wallace in the West, 1861–1862. By Charles G. Beemer. (Kent, OH: Kent State University Press, 2015. Pp. viii, 330. $39.95.)
Jonathan M. Steplyk, vol. 79 (4): 833-834
The Workfare State: Public Assistance Politics from the New Deal to the New Democrats. By Eva Bertram. (Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015. Pp. 328. $75.00.)
Marisa Chappell, vol. 79 (4): 834-835
Truman, Congress, and Korea: The Politics of America's First Undeclared War. By Larry Blomstedt. (Lexington, KY: University Press of Kentucky, 2015. Pp. xi, 305. $50.00.)
Dennis Wainstock, vol. 79 (4): 835-837
Samuel F. B. Morse and the Dawn of the Age of Electricity. By George F. Botjer. (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2015. Pp. 148. $75.00.)
Paul Israel, vol. 79 (4): 837-838
Dead Presidents: An American Adventure into the Strange Deaths and Surprising Afterlives of Our Nation's Leaders. By Brady Carlson. (New York, NY: W. W. Norton, 2016. Pp. 324. $26.95.)
John W. Matviko, vol. 79 (4): 839-840
Nature's Path: A History of Naturopathic Healing in America. By Susan E. Cayleff. (Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2016. Pp. x, 397. $39.95.)
John S. Haller, vol. 79 (4): 840-841
Christian Imperialism: Converting the World in the Early American Republic. By Emily Conroy-Krutz. (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2015. Pp. xi, 244. $45.00.)
Martin E. Marty, vol. 79 (4): 841-842
First Over There: The Attack on Cantigny, America's First Battle of World War I. By Matthew J. Davenport. (New York, NY: Thomas Dunne Books, 2015. Pp. xviii, 360. $28.99.)
Mark E. Grotelueschen, vol. 79 (4): 843-844
Of Love and Other Passions: Elites, Politics, and Family in Bogotá, Colombia, 1778–1870. By Guiomar Dueñas-Vargas. (Albuquerque, NM: University of New Mexico Press, 2015. Pp. xi, 257. $55.00.)
Pamela S. Murray, vol. 79 (4): 844-845
The War Worth Fighting: Abraham Lincoln's Presidency and Civil War America. Edited by Stephen D. Engle. (Gainesville, FL: University Press of Florida, 2015. Pp. 268. $31.95.)
Michael T. Smith, vol. 79 (4): 845-846