Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television

The Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television is an interdisciplinary journal concerned with the evidence produced by the mass media for historians and social scientists, and with the impact of mass communications on the political and social history of the twentieth century. The needs of those engaged in research and teaching are served by scholarly articles, book reviews and by archival reports concerned with the preservation and availability of records. The journal also reviews films, television and radio programmes of historical or educational importance. In addition, it aims to provide a survey of developments in the teaching of history and social science courses which involve the use of film and broadcast materials. It is the official journal of the International Association for Media and History (IAMHIST), and is supported by the College of Arts and Sciences, Louisiana State University.

4 issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 39 (1)

All Work, No Play…: Representations of Child Labour in Films of the First World War
vol. 39 (1): 1-17
Performing Modernity: The Film of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on his Forest Farm
vol. 39 (1): 18-35
Jetta Goudal versus the Studio System: Star Labour in 1920s Hollywood
vol. 39 (1): 36-53
Five Little Stars: The Dionne Quintuplets, Motherhood, Film and Tourism during the Great Depression
vol. 39 (1): 54-74
Ring Lardner, Jr. and the Hollywood Blacklist: A New Perspective on the Perennial Struggle against Thought Control in the United States
vol. 39 (1): 75-95
Archive in the State of Emergency: Realizing Film Preservation in cold war South Korea
vol. 39 (1): 96-113
Aural Nation: Knowledge, Information and Music in Early Australian Public Broadcasting
vol. 39 (1): 114-131
The prelude to television in Australia
vol. 39 (1): 132-146
The Privileged: A Case Study of Regional Television Documentary Production in the 1960S
vol. 39 (1): 147-167
‘More Powerful Than The Day After’: The Cold War and the Making of Dead Man’s Letters (1986)
vol. 39 (1): 168-186
Erich Pommer: Filmproduzent zwischen Kunst, Industrie und Unterhaltung
vol. 39 (1): 187-189
The Imaginary Geography of Hollywood Cinema, 1960–2000
vol. 39 (1): 192-193
A History of Italian Cinema, second edition
vol. 39 (1): 194-196
Crossover Stardom: Popular Male Music Stars in American Cinema
vol. 39 (1): 196-198
Capital and popular cinema: the dollars are coming!
vol. 39 (1): 198-200
Fade to Gray: Aging in American Cinema
vol. 39 (1): 200-202

Volume 38 (4)

A Band of Adventurers: Kalem’s Gauntier–Olcott Film Unit in Egypt
vol. 38 (4): 695-710
Empire of Illusions: Film Censorship, Eugenics and Aboriginal Spectatorship in Australia’s Northern Territory 1928–1950
vol. 38 (4): 711-728
Edgar Dale’s Film Appreciation Programme: An Early Education in Adaptation
vol. 38 (4): 729-742
A British Documentary Film-Maker’s Encounter With Empire: The Case Of Alexander Shaw, 1938–42
vol. 38 (4): 743-761