First published in 1912, History has been a leader in its field ever since. It is unique in its range and variety, packing its pages with stimulating articles and extensive book reviews. History balances its broad chronological coverage with a wide geographical spread of articles featuring contributions from social, political, cultural, economic and ecclesiastical historians.

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Latest articles

Volume 102 (353)

Issue Information
vol. 102 (353): 739-742
KATHRYN DUTTON, vol. 102 (353): 743-751
Political Culture and Medieval Historiography: The Revolt against King Henry II, 1173–1174
MARTIN AURELL, vol. 102 (353): 752-771
‘Ottonians with Pipe Rolls’? Political Culture and Performance in the Kingdom of the English, c.900–c.1050
CHARLES INSLEY, vol. 102 (353): 772-786
Giving and Receiving Counsel: Forging Political Culture in Western French and Anglo-Norman Assemblies
RICHARD E. BARTON, vol. 102 (353): 787-807
Political Discourse at the Court of Henry II and the Making of the New Kingdom of Ireland: The Evidence of John's Title dominus Hibernie
STEPHEN CHURCH, vol. 102 (353): 808-823
Political Culture and the Changing Role of Countesses, 750–1050
RACHEL STONE, vol. 102 (353): 824-839
‘You conquer countless enemies, even as a maiden’: The Conqueror's Daughter and Dynastic Rule at Holy Trinity, Caen
LAURA L. GATHAGAN, vol. 102 (353): 840-857
‘You will dwell with barbarous and uneducated men’: Countess Ermengarde and Political Culture in Twelfth-Century Brittany
AMY LIVINGSTONE, vol. 102 (353): 858-873
Count Hugh of Troyes and the Prestige of Jerusalem
JAMES DOHERTY, vol. 102 (353): 874-888
Reputation, Authority and Masculine Identities in the Political Culture of the First Crusaders: The Career of Arnulf of Chocques
NATASHA HODGSON, vol. 102 (353): 889-913
‘All this I say against the rage of archdeacons against my poor fellow citizens’: Archdeacons’ Authority and Identity in Twelfth-Century England
STEPHEN MARRITT, vol. 102 (353): 914-932

Volume 102 (352)

Issue Information
vol. 102 (352): 553-555
Clerical admonitio, Letters of Advice to Kings and Episcopal Self-Fashioning, c.1000–c.1200
BJÖRN WEILER, vol. 102 (352): 557-575
Oceanic Barriers: The British–American Divide among Revolutionary Black Atlantic Writers
KYLE T. BULTHUIS, vol. 102 (352): 576-596
‘Of Paramount Importance to Our Race’: H. O. Arnold-Forster and South African Soldier-Settlement
CHRISTIAN K. MELBY, vol. 102 (352): 597-616
Demystified: Mergers and Acquisitions, Oil and Gas, and Ranching on the Southern Great Plains, 1921–1933
MATTHEW DAY, vol. 102 (352): 617-638
The Hidden Origins of Intelligence History: Rehabilitating the ‘Airport Bookstall’
JULES GASPARD, vol. 102 (352): 639-660
The Strait Gate: Thresholds and Power in Western History. By Daniel Jütte. Yale University Press. 2015. 376pp. £30.00.
TONY SCHWAB, vol. 102 (352): 661-663
Ernst Kantorowicz: A Life. By Robert E. Lerner. Princeton University Press. 2017. xvi + 400pp. £32.95.
JAUME AURELL, vol. 102 (352): 663-665