History of European Ideas

History of European Ideas is devoted to the intellectual history of Europe from the Renaissance onwards. It is interdisciplinary in that it aims to publish papers on the history of ideas in a number of different fields: political and economic thought, philosophy, natural philosophy and science, theology and literature. Treatments of the history of ideas which cut across these categories or which trace connections between them in different European countries are particularly welcome. Proposals for special issues devoted to historical themes or to proceedings of conferences are also encouraged.

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Latest articles

La Boétie and the Neo-Roman Conception of Freedom
Liberalism against Democracy: A Comparative Analysis of the Concepts of Totalitarian Democracy and Positive Liberty in Jacob Leib Talmon and Isaiah Berlin
Rethinking the Political Thought of James Harrington: Royalism, Republicanism and Democracy
Catharine Macaulay on the Will
Particular Universals—Universal Particulars: Biopolitical Metaphors and the Emergence of Nationalism in Europe (1650–1815)
Who is the Author of the Abstract of Monsieur l'Abbé de Saint-Pierre's ‘Plan for Perpetual Peace’? From Saint-Pierre to Rousseau
The Changing Moral Justification of Empire: From the Right to Colonise to the Obligation to Civilise
Godly Dispositions and Textual Conditions: The Literary Sociology of International Religious Exchanges, c. 1722–1740

Volume 44 (8)

A Weberian approach to the history of ethics: Aquinas and Kant
David d’Avray, vol. 44 (8): 1003-1018
Machiavelli's scientific method: a common understanding of his novelty in the sixteenth century
Gábor Almási, vol. 44 (8): 1019-1045
A tribune named Niccolò: Petrarchan revolutionaries and humanist failures in Machiavelli’s Florentine Histories
Danielle Charette, vol. 44 (8): 1046-1062
Erasmus’ ethnological hierarchy of peoples and races
Nathan Ron, vol. 44 (8): 1063-1075
Dominating nature and colonialism. Francis Bacon’s view of Europe and the New World
Mauro Scalercio, vol. 44 (8): 1076-1091
Looking beyond home shores: Dutch tolerance at the end of the seventeenth century
Luisa Simonutti, vol. 44 (8): 1092-1110
Huygens’ stargazing scientists: the idea of science in Cosmotheoros
Daniel Špelda, vol. 44 (8): 1111-1126
Adam Boreel and Galenus Abrahamsz. Against constraint of consciences: seventeenth-century dissenters in favor of religious toleration
Francesco Quatrini, vol. 44 (8): 1127-1140
The vigorous and doux soldier: David Hume’s military defence of commerce
Maria Pia Paganelli, vol. 44 (8): 1141-1152
The man within the breast, the supreme impartial spectator, and other impartial spectators in Adam Smith’s The Theory of Moral Sentiments
Daniel B. Klein, vol. 44 (8): 1153-1168
Religion and women’s rights: Susan Moller Okin, Mary Wollstonecraft, and the multiple feminist liberal traditions
Eileen Hunt Botting, vol. 44 (8): 1169-1188
‘Sane’ and ‘insane’ imperialism: British idealism, new liberalism and liberal imperialism
David Boucher, vol. 44 (8): 1189-1204