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Since its launch in 1976, History Workshop Journal has become one of the world's leading historical journals. Its cutting-edge scholarship, accessible writing, and lively engagement with contemporary concerns continues to win it widespread acclaim from both academic and general audiences.

Biannual: Spring, Autumn.

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Latest articles

Volume 82 (1)

The Dorchester Labourers and Swings Aftermath in Dorset, 1830-8
Scriven, T., vol. 82 (1): 1-23
Moral Ecologies: Conservation in Conflict in Rural England
Griffin, C. J., Robertson, I., vol. 82 (1): 24-49
Threatening Letters: E. E. Dodd, E. P. Thompson, and the Making of 'The Crime of Anonymity
Steedman, C., vol. 82 (1): 50-82
Jack Lindsays Alienation
Harker, B., vol. 82 (1): 83-103
Thinking Black: Peter Fryers Staying Power and the Politics of Writing Black British History in the 1980s
Waters, R., vol. 82 (1): 104-120
Au Revoir les Enfants: Wartime Evacuation and the Politics of Childhood in France and Britain, 1939-45
Downs, L. L., vol. 82 (1): 121-150
Children Left Behind: Family, Refugees and Immigration in Postwar Europe
Balint, R., vol. 82 (1): 151-172
Victorian Sexualities and After: a Roundtable
Cook, M., vol. 82 (1): 173-176
Fallen Women and Foundlings: Rethinking Victorian Sexuality
Nead, L., vol. 82 (1): 177-187
The Politics of Prostitution and Sexual Labour
Walkowitz, J. R., vol. 82 (1): 188-198
Victorian Afterlives: Sexuality and Identity in the 1960s and 1970s
Mort, F., vol. 82 (1): 199-212
Opening Doors: the BBCs Community Programme Unit 1973-2002
Oakley, G., Lee-Wright, P., vol. 82 (1): 213-234
Textbook Controversies and the Demand for a Past: Public Lives of Indian History
Nair, J., vol. 82 (1): 235-254
Political Trust in Early Modern Britain
Knights, M., vol. 82 (1): 255-260
The Imperial and the Global
Tomlinson, J., vol. 82 (1): 261-268
Clothing and Poverty in Nineteenth-century England
Brady, S., vol. 82 (1): 268-273
Rubbed Out Rosa
Leslie, E., vol. 82 (1): 274-281
The History of a PhD
Delmar, R., vol. 82 (1): 282-290
Emigres and Art Publishing
Jacobs, N., vol. 82 (1): 290-292
Historical Cultures of Labour Under Conditions of Deindustrialization, first conference of the European Labour History Network, Turin, 14-16 December 2016
Wicke, C., Eklund, E., vol. 82 (1): 293-298