Interdisciplinary Science Reviews

nterdisciplinary Science Reviews is a quarterly journal that aims to set contemporary and historical developments in the sciences and technology into their wider social and cultural context and to illuminate their interrelations with the humanities and arts. ISR seeks out contributions that measure up to the highest excellence in scholarship but that also speak to an audience of intelligent non-specialists. It actively explores the differing trajectories of the disciplines and practices in its purview, to clarify what each is attempting to do in its own terms, so that constructive dialogue across them is strengthened. It focuses whenever possible on conceptual bridge-building and collaborative research that nevertheless respect disciplinary variation. ISR features thematic issues on broad topics attractive across the disciplines and publishes special issues derived from wide-ranging interdisciplinary colloquia and conferences.

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Forthcoming issues will focus on:

  • Poetries and Science
  • Theatre and Science (a companion to the December 2013 issue)
  • Transdisciplinary Environmental Science

Willard McCarty's research is concerned principally with two things: humanities computing, and bridge-building between the humanities and the sciences.

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Latest articles

Volume 40 (3)

Frank A. J. L. James, vol. 40 (3): 219-221
The Braggs, X-ray Crystallography, and Lawrence Bragg’s Sound-ranging in World War I
John Jenkin, vol. 40 (3): 222-243
The Nobel Science: One Hundred Years of Crystallography
Jonathan C. Brooks-Bartlett, vol. 40 (3): 244-264
Dame Kathleen Lonsdale (1903–1971): Her Early Career in X-ray Crystallography
Jennifer Wilson, vol. 40 (3): 265-278
Lawrence Bragg: Some Attributes of a Great Scientist — A Daughter’s Viewpoint
Patience Thomson, vol. 40 (3): 279-293
Modelling and Predicting Crystal Structures
C. R. A. Catlow, vol. 40 (3): 294-307
Structural Biology: A Century-long Journey into an Unseen World
Stephen Curry, vol. 40 (3): 308-328
Celebrating the Braggs — a Personal Account
A. M. Glazer, vol. 40 (3): 329-339

Volume 40 (2)

A Matter of Style
Willard McCarty, vol. 40 (2): 95-100
On the Matter of Time
Veronica Strang, vol. 40 (2): 101-123
Sounds Convincing: Modes of Listening and Sonic Skills in Knowledge Making
Alexandra Supper, vol. 40 (2): 124-144
Memetic Perspectives on the Evolution of Tonal Systems in Music
Steven Jan, vol. 40 (2): 145-167
Second Laws, Two Cultures, and the Emergence of an Ecosystem Aesthetics
Andrew Yang, vol. 40 (2): 168-181
Dancers in the Dark: Scientific Careers According to a Gender-Blind Model of Promotion
Ana M. González Ramos, vol. 40 (2): 182-203
Truth and Method: Humanities Scholarship as a Science of Exceptions
Jerome Mcgann, vol. 40 (2): 204-218

Volume 40 (1)

The Future of Reading
Stan Ruecker, vol. 40 (1): 1-2
The Interface Implications of Understanding Readers
Teresa M. Dobson, vol. 40 (1): 3-16
Noses in Books: Orientation, Immersion, and Paratext
Cynthia Northcutt Malone, vol. 40 (1): 17-28
Mobile Media as New Forms of Spatialization
Luciano Frizzera, vol. 40 (1): 29-43
Discovering the Language of Data: Personal Pattern Languages and the Social Construction of Meaning from Big Data
Kim Erwin, vol. 40 (1): 44-60