The International Journal for the History of Engineering & Technology

The International Journal for the History of Engineering and Technology (formerly Transactions of the Newcomen Society) is the flagship publication of the Newcomen Society – the oldest learned society in the world devoted to the history of engineering and technology. Since its foundation in 1920 it has been the leading voice in this subject and its Transactions therefore contain an unparalleled body of original research material contributed over the course of nearly a century by leading engineers and historians.

The International Journal for the History of Engineering and Technology continues the Society's long and distinguished record of presenting to a worldwide readership fresh research across the whole field: civil, mechanical, electrical, structural, aeronautical, automotive, marine, communication and chemical engineering, together with manufacturing processes, information and system engineering, and conservation issues. Subjects are treated from a wide variety of perspectives, including design, development, and use of products and processes, as well as the contribution and influence of leading thinkers and innovators. The papers emphasise how engineering and technology have historically influenced, and in their turn been influenced by, changes in the economic, social and cultural context. In addition, the journal aims to inform its readers of related historical research through reviews of newly-published material.

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Latest articles

Volume 85 (2)

vol. 85 (2): 167-167
Coalbrookdale and the Iron Bridge — New Insights from the Artists’ Views
David de Haan, vol. 85 (2): 168-192
The Cast-Iron Bridge at Sunderland
J. G. James, vol. 85 (2): 193-249
Dr T. G. N. ‘Graeme’ Haldane — Scottish Heat Pump Pioneer
David Banks, vol. 85 (2): 250-259
Protecting the Past from the Present — Conservation Ethics in Practice
G. J. O. Wallis, vol. 85 (2): 260-284
German Aircraft Design during the Third Reich
A. D. Harvey, vol. 85 (2): 285-294
Book Reviews
vol. 85 (2): 295-307
vol. 85 (2): 308-316

Volume 85 (1)

The 1862 London International Exhibition: Machinery on Show and its Message
John Agnew, vol. 85 (1): 1-30
First Waltz: Development and Deployment of Blue Danube, Britain’s Post-War Atomic Bomb
Jonathan Aylen, vol. 85 (1): 31-59
Guglielmo’s Secret: The Enigma of the First Diving Bell Used in Underwater Archaeology
Joseph Eliav, vol. 85 (1): 60-69
The Technical Development of the Horizontal Water-Wheel in the First Millennium ad: Some Recent Archaeological Insights from Ireland
Colin Rynne, vol. 85 (1): 70-93
Borrowing Brilliance: Technology Transfer Across Sectors in the Early Industrial Revolution
Jennifer Tann, vol. 85 (1): 94-114
The Role of British Agents and Engineers in the Early Westernization of Japan with a Focus on the Robinson and Waters Brothers
Meg Vivers, vol. 85 (1): 115-139
Taming Poseidon’s Beast of Uncertainty: The Auspicious Debut of Marine Engineer Aleksej Nikolaevich Krylov (1863–1945)
Paul Wlodkowski, vol. 85 (1): 140-158
vol. 85 (1): 159-166