Jewish Culture and History

Jewish Culture and History is an inter-disciplinary journal which brings together the best of current research in Jewish social history with innovative work in Jewish cultural studies. The journal includes cutting-edge research by younger scholars as well as established specialists, reviews of recent publications, and a documents section in each issue reproduces selected primary materials from archives and lesser-known resources for the study of Jewish culture and history. The journal explores previously neglected areas of the Jewish experience from a range of different perspectives including Jewish popular culture, social and political history, literary and cultural representation of Jews, and the global contexts of Jewish culture and history.

Publishes 3 issues a year. 

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Latest articles

Volume 20 (2)

Philipp Alexander & Crona David: a conversion, divorce, and custody case, Braunschweig, 1752/53
Renate Evers, vol. 20 (2): 99-122
Negative charisma, leadership, and Martin Buber’s myth of Zion
S. Daniel Breslauer, vol. 20 (2): 123-139
Jewishness and psychoanalysis - the relationship to identity, trauma and exile. An interview study
Per Magnus Johansson, vol. 20 (2): 140-152
The lived experience of orthodox Jewish nursing students
Toby Bressler, vol. 20 (2): 153-165
‘Sgt Rock is Jewish?’ Joe Kubert, Jews and the Holocaust in American comic books: 1938–2006
Darren C. Marks, vol. 20 (2): 166-187
Denis Maier, vol. 20 (2): 188-190
The Merchants of Oran: a Jewish port at the dawn of empire
Canan Bolel, vol. 20 (2): 190-192
Modern Spain and the Sephardim: legitimizing identities (Lexington studies in modern Jewish history, historiography, and memory)
Dalia Kandiyoti, vol. 20 (2): 192-194
An East End Legacy: essays in memory of William J. Fishman
Samuel J. Hawkins, vol. 20 (2): 195-197

Volume 20 (1)

Introduction: Jews: migration, movement, location
Hannah Holtschneider, vol. 20 (1): 1-2
Migration as redemption: the myth and memory of Jewish migration from Eastern Europe to the New World
Scott Ury, vol. 20 (1): 3-22
Ger: deterritorialized immigrant in talmudic exile
Elad Lapidot, vol. 20 (1): 23-42
Testing the boundaries: migration and metamorphosis in two short stories by Lev Lunts
Emily Finer, vol. 20 (1): 43-61
The ‘Jewish zealots of tobacco land’: the circuit riding rabbi project’s impact on small town Jews in North Carolina, 1950–1980
Amy K. Milligan, vol. 20 (1): 62-79
Glasgow’s Jewish Institute players and their narratives of Scottish-Jewish identity
Paul Maloney, vol. 20 (1): 80-98

Volume 19 (3)

Complement or contradiction? British non-Jews in Abraham Schwadron’s autograph collection
Rachel Misrati, vol. 19 (3): 213-236
A Jew of a rather peculiar sort: Leonard Woolf, Jewishness, and a public 20th century life
Luke Reader, vol. 19 (3): 237-255
‘They don’t pay $1,000 a week to just anyone’: Sholem Aleichem and early Jewish American movie moguls
Ber Kotlerman, vol. 19 (3): 256-274
Nietzsche’s Jewish problem: between anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism
Liam Metcalf-White, vol. 19 (3): 275-277
Across legal lines: Jews and Muslims in modern Morocco
Maite Ojeda-Mata, vol. 19 (3): 277-279