Journal of the History of Collections

The Journal of the History of Collections is dedicated to providing the clearest insight into all aspects of collecting activity. For centuries collecting has been the pursuit of princes and apothecaries, scholars and amatuers alike. Only recently, however, has the study of collections and their collectors become the subject of great multidisciplinary interest. The range of the Journal of the History of Collections embraces the contents of collections, the processes which initiated their formation, and the circumstances of the collectors themselves. As well as publishing original papers, the Journal includes listings of forthcoming events, conferences, and reviews of relevant publications and exhibitions, making it the most comprehensive source available on a subject of increasing interest and study.


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Latest articles

Volume 28 (3)

Introduction: Ideas of Asia in the Museum
Lee, S. S., vol. 28 (3): 359-366
Langdon Warners vision for the Japanese collection at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, 1930-1935
Graham, P. J., vol. 28 (3): 367-382
5,000 Years of Korean Art: Exhibitions abroad as cultural diplomacy
Lin, N., vol. 28 (3): 383-400
Charles Lang Freer and the collecting of Chinese Buddhist art in early-twentieth-century America
Wang, D. Y., vol. 28 (3): 401-416
Central Asia coming to the museum: The display of Kucha mural fragments in interwar Germany and the United States
Lee, S. S., vol. 28 (3): 417-436
Russian conceptualizations of Asia: Archaeological discoveries and collecting practices in Russia at the turn of the twentieth century
Di Ruocco, A., vol. 28 (3): 437-448
From India to Independence: The formation of the Burma collection at the British Museum
Green, A., vol. 28 (3): 449-463
Ananda Coomaraswamy and the formation of the Sri Lanka collection at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Romain, J., vol. 28 (3): 465-478
The Pacific Rim: connecting peoples, collecting histories: The formation of South and Southeast Asian art collections in Los Angeles
Rod-ari, M., vol. 28 (3): 479-492

Volume 28 (2)

Collecting copper plates between Venice and Rome in the seventeenth century: Cardinal Alessandro Orsini, the Old Masters and the sciences
Amendola, A., vol. 28 (2): 161-173
Cardinal Paluzzo Paluzzi degli Albertoni Altieri and his picture collection in the Palazzo Altieri: the evidence of the 1698 death inventory: part i
Beaven, L., Lloyd, K. J., vol. 28 (2): 175-190
A paradox of eighteenth-century antiquarianism: 'Persian gems among the Tassie casts
Eppihimer, M., vol. 28 (2): 191-208
Uncovering the demographics of collecting: A case-study of the US Exploring Expedition (1838-1842)
Isaac, G., Isaac, B., vol. 28 (2): 209-223
'Boxall is interested only in the Great Masters . . . Well, well see about that!: William Boxall, Federico Sacchi and Cremonese art at the National Gallery
Avery-Quash, S., Davoli, S., vol. 28 (2): 225-241
Museum-building in nineteenth-century Algeria: Colonial narratives in French collections of classical antiquities
Effros, B., vol. 28 (2): 243-259
Changes in the Japanese art market with the emergence of the middle-class collector: A study of Hishida Shunso (1874-1911)
Tomizawa-Kay, E., vol. 28 (2): 261-277
Magic and memory: Paul Denys Montagues collection from New Caledonia
Adams, J., vol. 28 (2): 279-292
Investigating a posthumous portrait of Augustus in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Tronchin, F. C., vol. 28 (2): 293-310
More than an expatriate scholar: Frederick Mason Perkins as art adviser, agent and intermediary for American collectors of the twentieth century.
Nicolai, F., vol. 28 (2): 311-325
The power of taste: The dispersal of the Berkeley Smith collection of Chinese ceramics at Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum (1921-1960)
Tythacott, L., vol. 28 (2): 327-343