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The Journal of Israeli History is dedicated to the scholarly examination of issues and ideas in the history of Israel and the Zionist movement. The premier English-language source of cutting-edge scholarship on Israel's history, the journal is essential reading for scholars and students of international relations, Middle East Studies, and Jewish Studies. The journal features an interdisciplinary and comparative approach, reflecting Israeli historiography's increasing engagement with the social sciences and cultural studies. The journal fosters an ongoing dialogue between scholars from Israel and other countries, the expression of differing world views and beliefs, and evaluations of new methodologies. The Journal of Israeli History is a vibrant, lively periodical hosting continuing discussions on identity and memory, state and diaspora, relationships between gender, ethnicity and nationalism, and Middle Eastern politics and society.


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Latest articles

Volume 36 (2)

A Rising Tide? Mixed families in Israel
vol. 36 (2): 103-123
Israel’s Citizenship Policy towards Family Immigrants: Developments and Implications
vol. 36 (2): 125-147
Ethnoreligious intermarriage in Israel: an exploration of the 2008 census
vol. 36 (2): 149-170
German, Non-Jewish Spousal and Partner Migrants in Israel: The Normalisation of Germanness and the Dominance of Jewishness
vol. 36 (2): 171-187
Ethnoreligious mixed marriages among Palestinian1 women and Jewish men in Israel: negotiating the breaking of barriers
vol. 36 (2): 189-211
Sleeping with the ‘Enemy’: Mixed Marriages in the Israeli Media
vol. 36 (2): 213-228
Fighting intermarriage in the Holy Land: Lehava and Israeli ethnonationalism
vol. 36 (2): 229-247
On the Faultline: Israelis of Mixed Ethnicity
vol. 36 (2): 249-269
“Mixed Jew - it's like being half pregnant”: Russian-Jewish mixedness in the bureaucratic encounter with the Jewish State1
vol. 36 (2): 271-289
Mixed-ethnicity marriages and marital dissolution in Israel
vol. 36 (2): 291-312
When “Mixed” Marriages Fall Apart: A Socio-Legal Perspective
vol. 36 (2): 313-329

Volume 36 (1)

Relations between Tel Aviv and Jaffa 1921–1936: A reassessment
vol. 36 (1): 1-21
The Revisionist Union and Britain: From declarations of “loyalty” to the employment of “methods of bullying”
vol. 36 (1): 23-45
The construction of Israeli Citizenship Law: Intertwining political philosophies
vol. 36 (1): 47-70
Explaining the occupation: Israeli hasbara and the occupied territories in the aftermath of the June 1967 war
vol. 36 (1): 71-93
The Arab-Israeli Conflict in American Political Culture; The New American Zionism; Trouble in the Tribe: The American Jewish Conflict Over Israel
vol. 36 (1): 95-99
Francophone Jewish Writers: Imagining Israel
vol. 36 (1): 99-101

Volume 35 (2)

Editorial Board
vol. 35 (2): ebi-ebi
Editorial Board
vol. 35 (2): 0-0
The politics of the Balfour Declaration: Nationalism, imperialism and the limits of Zionist-British cooperation
vol. 35 (2): 117-152