Journal of Medieval History

The Journal of Medieval History aims at meeting the need for a major international publication devoted to all aspects of the history of Europe in the Middle Ages. Each issue comprises around four or five articles on European history, including Britain and Ireland, between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance. The Journal also includes review articles, historiographical essays and 'state of research' studies.

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Latest articles

Volume 45 (1)

Between history and hagiography: Eadmer of Canterbury's vision of the Historia novorum in Anglia
vol. 45 (1): 1-19
Benedict of Alignan’s Tractatus fidei contra diversos errores: a neglected anti-heresy treatise
vol. 45 (1): 20-54
Singers without borders: a performer’s rotulus and the transmission of jeux partis
vol. 45 (1): 55-79
Household knights, chamber knights and king’s knights: the development of the royal knight in fourteenth-century England
vol. 45 (1): 80-99
Authority, reputation and the roles of Jeanne de Penthièvre in Book I of Froissart’s Chroniques
vol. 45 (1): 100-127

Volume 44 (5)

Lives on hold: the Dampierre family, captivity and the crusades in thirteenth-century Champagne
vol. 44 (5): 507-528
Heretical networks between East and West: the case of the Fraticelli
vol. 44 (5): 529-542
Thomas of Hereford’s miracles – between Aquinas and Augustine
vol. 44 (5): 543-568
Food in the accounts of a travelling lady: Maria de Luna, queen of Aragon, in 1403
vol. 44 (5): 569-594
The role of the past in late medieval hidalgo historical writing and memory
vol. 44 (5): 595-608

Volume 43 (5)

The court of the Lionheart on crusade, 1190–2
vol. 43 (5): 505-522
Matilda, Leonor and Joanna: the Plantagenet sisters and the display of dynastic connections through material culture
vol. 43 (5): 523-547
‘My precious books and instruments’: Jewish divorce strategies and self-fashioning in medieval Catalonia
vol. 43 (5): 548-561
Holy Blood devotion in later medieval Scotland
vol. 43 (5): 562-578
United in revolt and discourse: urban and noble perceptions of ‘bad government’ in fifteenth-century Brabant (1420–1)
vol. 43 (5): 579-599

Volume 43 (4)

Liturgy and devotion in the crusader states: introduction
vol. 43 (4): 359-366
The regular canons and the liturgy of the Latin East
vol. 43 (4): 367-383
The libelli of Lucca, Biblioteca Arcivescovile, MS 5: liturgy from the siege of Acre?
vol. 43 (4): 384-402
Rewriting the Latin liturgy of the Holy Sepulchre: text, ritual and devotion for 1149
vol. 43 (4): 403-420
Greek liturgy in crusader Jerusalem: witnesses of liturgical life at the Holy Sepulchre and St Sabas Lavra
vol. 43 (4): 421-437