Journal of Modern Chinese History

In recent years, the main force for research into modern Chinese history has been Chinese scholars, who up until this point have not had a Western outlet for their scholarship. The Institute of Modern History of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences seeks to re-dress this with its international publication, the Journal of Modern Chinese History: a new platform for Chinese and foreign scholars to exchange ideas directly. Fully refereed and published twice a year, the journal focuses on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It aims to promote research on modern Chinese history by encouraging discussion of political, economic, ideological, cultural and military history. The journal also encourages discussion on the history of society, foreign affairs, and gender as well as regional research and historiography. The Journal of Modern Chinese History welcomes all original research including research articles, review articles and research notes, especially those reflecting recent developments in scholarship.

2 issues per year.

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Latest articles

Volume 12 (2)

Premodern Beijing and Western civilization
vol. 12 (2): 296-297
The search for a new republic: a study on thoughts and activities of Zhang Dongsun at his early age (1886-1932)
vol. 12 (2): 301-303
Intellection as a way of living: rethinking modern Chinese intellectual history
vol. 12 (2): 303-305
Creating a consumer paradise: department stores and the modern urban culture of Shanghai
vol. 12 (2): 306-308
A Collection of Historical Documents on Taxation in the Republican Period
vol. 12 (2): 308-310

Volume 12 (1)

The conférencier in the purple robe: Chen Jitong and Qing cultural diplomacy in late nineteenth-century Paris
vol. 12 (1): 1-21
Loyalist, patriot, or colonizer? The three faces of Zheng Chenggong in Meiji Japan and late Qing China
vol. 12 (1): 22-44
Austro–Hungarian refugee soldiers in China
vol. 12 (1): 45-62
A journey to Mars: John Dewey’s lectures and inquiry in China
vol. 12 (1): 63-81
An East–West confrontation in the North-China Herald during the Nationalist Revolution: a case study of Shao Futang’s letters to the editor
vol. 12 (1): 82-102
Philanthropy and revolution in Shanghai during the May 30th Movement
vol. 12 (1): 103-121
Localizing the Reynolds case: a comparison of two American military atrocities in the Far East in Cold War 1957
vol. 12 (1): 122-139
In search of historiographical excellence: an interview with Zhang Kaiyuan, November 2, 2017
vol. 12 (1): 140-163
Family, nation, world: individual, national, and international identity in modern China
vol. 12 (1): 164-165
Reconstructing China: The Concept of “the Chinese Nation” in Modern China
vol. 12 (1): 165-167
Reforms of the Chinese Imperial Examinations and the Last Groups of Jinshi
vol. 12 (1): 167-169
Go to war: Chinese diplomacy during the First World War, by HOU Zhongjun, Beijing, Social Sciences Academic Press, 2017, 384 pp., ISBN 978-7-5201-0901-7
vol. 12 (1): 169-170
Different schools of thought and the disintegration of “tianxia”: the ideological revolution and the cultural movement in the late Qing and early Republican period
vol. 12 (1): 170-172
State for the people or state for war? The intellectual officers, military science and military change before the second Sino–Japanese War
vol. 12 (1): 172-174

Volume 11 (2)

Introduction: state, society, and the individual in wartime China during the 1930s and 1940s
vol. 11 (2): 175-179