Journal of Urban History

Journal of Urban History (JUH), peer-reviewed and published bi-monthly, provides scholars and professionals with the latest research, analyses, and discussion on the history of cities and urban societies throughout the world. JUH presents original research by distinguished authors from the variety of fields concerned with urban history. Each insightful issue offers the latest scholarship on such topics as public housing, migration, urban growth, and more.

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Latest articles

Volume 43 (1)

When "Comoners Were Made Slaves by the Magistrates": The 1627 Election and Political Culture in Norwich
Williamson, F., vol. 43 (1): 3-17
Battling Crack: A Study of the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalitions Tactics
Wolfe, N. K., vol. 43 (1): 18-32
Historic Urbanization Process in Spain (1746-2013): From the Fall of the American Empire to the Real Estate Bubble
Cardesin Diaz, J. M., Araujo, J. M., vol. 43 (1): 33-52
Reshaping the Urban Space in Portuguese Fortified Cities: New Green Spaces Resulting from the Rehabilitation of Urban Fortifications--From the Nineteenth Century until the End of the Estado Novo Dictatorial Regime (1974)
dos Santos, J. M. R., vol. 43 (1): 53-69
Taming the War on Poverty: Memphis as a Case Study
Murray, G. S., vol. 43 (1): 70-90
City Glow: Streetlights, Emotions, and Nocturnal Life, 1880s-1910s
Kenny, N., vol. 43 (1): 91-114
"Choosing to Stay": Hurricane Katrina Narratives and the History of Claiming Place-Knowledge in New Orleans
Klopfer, A. N., vol. 43 (1): 115-139
"Crucial to the Survival of Black People": Local People, Black Power, and Community Organizations in Buffalo, New York, 1966-1968
Alfonso, R. I., vol. 43 (1): 140-156
Interesting Times for Chinese Cities: Insights into Chinas Urban Transformations
Bracken, G., vol. 43 (1): 157-165
American Residential Segregation: Five Books, Five Viewpoints
Varady, D. P., vol. 43 (1): 166-171
Gentrification Matters
Osman, S., vol. 43 (1): 172-179
Workers, Workhouses, and the Sick Poor: Health and Institutional Health Care in the Long Nineteenth Century
Brown, D., vol. 43 (1): 180-188

Volume 42 (6)

In Search of the Social: Neighborhood and Community in Urban Planning in Europe and Beyond, 1920-1960
Couperus, S., Kaal, H., vol. 42 (6): 987-991
Building Democracy Anew: Neighborhood Planning and Political Reform in Post-Blitz Rotterdam
Couperus, S., vol. 42 (6): 992-1008
Mapping and Making Community in the Postwar European City
Cupers, K., vol. 42 (6): 1009-1028
Community Eludes the Architect? German Architect Planners, American Democracy, and the Question of Community Building in Transatlantic Perspective
Joch, A., vol. 42 (6): 1029-1043
In Search of the "Human Scale": Delimiting the Social in German and Swedish Urban Planning in the 1930s and 1940s
Kuchenbuch, D., vol. 42 (6): 1044-1064
Planning the Public Functions of Nineteenth-Century Athens: Setting the Priorities between Idealism and Practical Needs
Roubien, D., vol. 42 (6): 1065-1090
Fighting Redlining and Gentrification in Washington, D.C.: The Adams-Morgan Organization and Tenant Right to Purchase
Lloyd, J. M., vol. 42 (6): 1091-1109
Cops, Gangs, and Revolutionaries in 1960s Chicago: What Black Police Can Tell Us about Power
Satter, B., vol. 42 (6): 1110-1134