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Language & History in 2009 (formerly the Bulletin of the Henry Sweet Society for the History of Linguistic Ideas) aims to promote the study of the history of all branches of linguistic thought, theoretical and applied, and including non-European traditions. Its fields of interest include the history both of the major subject areas of linguistics and also more specialised topics, such as writing systems, literacy, rhetoric, and the application of linguistic ideas within professional and technical fields.

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Latest articles

Volume 58 (1)

A New Grammar by Joseph Priestley (1733–1804)
Thomas Godard, vol. 58 (1): 1-23
Taxonomies of the Slavic World since the Enlightenment: Schematizing Perceptions of Slavic Ethnonymsin a Chart
Alexander Maxwell, vol. 58 (1): 24-54
Language and Consciousness: The Perennial Relevance of Benjamin Lee Whorf
Joseph L. Subbiondo, vol. 58 (1): 55-63
Obituary: Anna Morpurgo Davies
Andreas Willi, vol. 58 (1): 64-65
vol. 58 (1): 66-76

Volume 57 (2)

The History of Chinese Grammars in Chinese and Western Scholarly Traditions
Hilary Chappell, vol. 57 (2): 107-136
The Development of Chinese Grammars and the Classification of the Parts of Speech
Mariarosaria Gianninoto, vol. 57 (2): 137-148
How and Why Saussure is Misread in China: A Historical Study
Yanfei Zhang, vol. 57 (2): 149-167
vol. 57 (2): 168-174