Library and Information History

Library & Information History (formerly Library History) was established in 1967 under the aegis of the Library History Group of the Library Association, now the Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals. It is the only British periodical devoted exclusively to the history of libraries and librarianship and to the burgeoning field of information history.

Throughout history, libraries have been the repositories of knowledge of all kinds. In recent times library history has been enhanced by the flourishing scholarly interest in provenance research and the history of reading. As we have entered the information age, these histories have broadened into a history of information, with historians reconsidering the fundamental concepts and manifestations of information in society.

Library & Information History is a fully-refereed, quarterly journal publishing articles of a high academic standard from international authors on all subjects and all periods relating to the history of libraries and librarianship and to the history of information, in its broadest sense. Issues include substantial articles as well as book reviews, occasional surveys of recent publications, and guides to relevant sources.

Library & Information History is a journal for anyone interested in the social, cultural and intellectual history of libraries and of information.

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Latest articles

Volume 31 (4)

Ebenezer Parkman’s World of Print: A Country Parson and the Print Culture of Eighteenth-Century Anglo-America
Ross W. Beales, vol. 31 (4): 229-257
Marischal College Library, Aberdeen, in the Nineteenth Century: An Overview
Iain Beavan, vol. 31 (4): 258-279
vol. 31 (4): 280-291
Katherine Birkwood, vol. 31 (4): 292-300

Volume 31 (3)

Libraries and Booksellers in the Long Eighteenth Century
Laura Miller, vol. 31 (3): 155-156
Tace Sowle-Raylton (1666–1749) and the Circulation of Books in the London Quaker Community
Louisiane Ferlier, vol. 31 (3): 157-170
Moreau de Saint-Méry: Itinerant Bibliophile
Sara E. Johnson, vol. 31 (3): 171-197
Libraries, Booksellers, and Readers: Changing Tastes at the New York Society Library in the Long Eighteenth Century
Jennifer Furlong, vol. 31 (3): 198-212
vol. 31 (3): 213-217
Katherine Birkwood, vol. 31 (3): 218-228

Volume 31 (2)

Beyond Bibliophilia: Contextualizing Private Libraries in the Nineteenth Century
Edward Potten, vol. 31 (2): 73-94
‘The owner of one of the largest and most valuable private libraries in Scotland’: David Hay Fleming as Book Collector
Briony Aitchison, vol. 31 (2): 95-116
‘Abundantly replenisht with Books of his own purchasing and choyce’: Lord Herbert of Cherbury’s Library at Montgomery Castle
Dunstan Roberts, vol. 31 (2): 117-136
vol. 31 (2): 137-145
Katherine Birkwood, vol. 31 (2): 146-153

Volume 31 (1)

Locating the Minister’s Looted Books: From Provenance and Library History to the Digital Reconstruction of Print Culture
Simon Burrows, vol. 31 (1): 1-17
John Dury’s Reformed Librarie-Keeper: Information and its Intellectual Contexts in Seventeenth-Century England
Catherine J. Minter, vol. 31 (1): 18-34
Lost Libraries and Surviving Manuscripts: The Case of Medieval Transylvania
Adrian Papahagi, vol. 31 (1): 35-53
vol. 31 (1): 54-63
Katherine Birkwood, vol. 31 (1): 64-71