Medieval Archaeology

The Society for Medieval Archaeology exists to further the study of the period from the 5th to the 16th century A.D. by publishing a journal of international standing dealing primarily with the archaeological evidence, and by other means such as by holding regular meetings and arranging conferences. It aims to serve as a medium for co-ordinating the work of archaeologists with that of historians and scholars in any other discipline relevant to this field.

While maintaining a special concern for the medieval archaeology of Britain and Ireland, the Society seeks to support and advance the international study of this period. The journal provides a forum for the discussion of important finds and developments within this period from anywhere in the world.

Volumes 1-50 of Medieval Archaeology are available online via the Archaeology Data Service (ADS). Click here to view.

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Latest articles

Volume 59 (1)

Commerce and Cult: Confronted Ideologies in 6th–9th-Century Europe
Martin Carver, vol. 59 (1): 1-23
Early Medieval Settlement and Social Power: The Middle Anglo-Saxon ‘Home Farm’
Duncan W Wright, vol. 59 (1): 24-46
Woven Cultures: New Insights into Pictish and Viking Culture Contact Using the Implements of Textile Production
Lindsey Stirling, vol. 59 (1): 47-72
Strung Along: Re-evaluating Gendered Views of Viking-Age Beads
Joanne O’Sullivan, vol. 59 (1): 73-86
South Conesford, Norwich: A Danish Garrison port?
Andy Shelley, vol. 59 (1): 87-102
Medieval Coastal Sand Inundation in Britain and Ireland
David Griffiths, vol. 59 (1): 103-121
Romanesque Roofs: The Nave of Jumièges Abbey and the Common-Tiebeam Tradition in Northern Europe
Lynn Courtenay, vol. 59 (1): 122-167
Exploring Text and Objects: Escheators’ Inventories and Material Culture in Medieval English Rural Households
Ben Jervis, vol. 59 (1): 168-192
Pewter Funerary Chalices and Patens from York Minster
Nicola Rogers, vol. 59 (1): 193-211
Richly Decorated Pewter Artefacts from Wrocław: Expressions of Cultural Transformation in the 13th Century
Jakub Sawicki, vol. 59 (1): 212-232
Moated Sites and the Production of Authority in the Eastern Weald of England
Eric D Johnson, vol. 59 (1): 233-254
Monuments, Mobility and Medieval Perceptions of Designed Landscapes: The Pleasance, Kenilworth
Elaine Jamieson, vol. 59 (1): 255-271
The Lives and Deaths of Young Medieval Women: The Osteological Evidence
Fiona Shapland, vol. 59 (1): 272-289
Medieval Britain and Ireland in 2014
John Naylor, vol. 59 (1): 290-310
Medieval Britain and Ireland — Fieldwork Highlights In 2014
Tiziana Vitali, vol. 59 (1): 311-336
Emma Brooks, vol. 59 (1): 337-413
Annual report and accounts of The Society 2013–14
Emma Brooks, vol. 59 (1): 414-421
List of officers and council of the society 2015
Emma Brooks, vol. 59 (1): 422-422

Volume 58 (1)

Medieval Migrations: Isotope Analysis of Early Medieval Skeletons on the Isle of Man
LEIGH SYMONDS, vol. 58 (1): 1-20
Stable Isotope Evidence for Dietary Contrast Between Pictish and Medieval Populations at Portmahomack, Scotland
SHIRLEY CURTIS-SUMMERS, vol. 58 (1): 21-43