Mediterranean Historical Review

Mediterranean Historical Review encourages the study of issues whose significance transcends a particular area or period. It integrates various problems in the ancient, medieval, early modern and contemporary history of the Mediterranean basin. The aim of Mediterranean Historical Review is to publish articles which emphasize contacts, relations and influences within the Mediterranean context as well as questions of a comparative and comparable nature.

Two issues per year.

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Latest articles

Volume 33 (2)

Farewell to our Managing Editor, Dr Tal Goldfajn
vol. 33 (2): 133-133
New sources on trade and dealings between Christians and Muslims in the Mediterranean region (ca.1440–1500)
vol. 33 (2): 135-148
“Islands in the stream”: toward a new history of the large islands of the Byzantine Mediterranean in the early Middle Ages ca.600–ca.800
vol. 33 (2): 149-177
The influence of North African and Middle Eastern architectures in the birth and development of modern architecture in Central Europe (1898–1937)
vol. 33 (2): 179-198
Caught between business, war and politics:late medieval roots of the early modern European news networks
vol. 33 (2): 199-222
Le voyage au Moyen Âge: description du monde et quête individuelle, edited by Damien Coulon and Christine Gadrat-Ouerfelli
vol. 33 (2): 223-226
Gouverner en Islam (Xe–XVe Siècle): textes et documents, edited by Sylvie Denoix and Anne-Marie Eddé
vol. 33 (2): 226-228
Treasure trove of benefits and variety at the table: a fourteenth-century Egyptian cookbook, edited and translated by Nawal Nasrallah
vol. 33 (2): 229-231
Gênes et l’Outre Mer: Actes notariés rédigés à Chypre par le notaire Antonius Folieta (1445–1458), edited by Michel Balard, Laura Balletto and Catherine Otten-Froux
vol. 33 (2): 231-234
Mediterranean diasporas: politics and ideas in the long 19th century, edited by Maurizio Isabella and Konstantina Zanou
vol. 33 (2): 234-236
Jewish volunteers: the International Brigades and the Spanish Civil War, by Gerben Zaagsma
vol. 33 (2): 237-240
Rebuilding Islam in contemporary Spain: the politics of Mosque establishment, 1976–2013, by Avi Astor
vol. 33 (2): 241-244
Politics and Palestinian literature in exile: gender, aesthetics and resistance in the short story, by Joseph R. Farag
vol. 33 (2): 244-248
Publications Received
vol. 33 (2): 249-251

Volume 33 (1)

The messianic journey of Jonathan ha-Kohen of Lunel to the Land of Israel re-examined
vol. 33 (1): 1-25
Italian state politics and the disruptive factor of volunteer groups
vol. 33 (1): 27-44
British policy in the Cretan Question (1893–1913): prioritizing between diplomatic and economic affairs
vol. 33 (1): 45-66
From Santorini to Trieste and Suez: scientific knowledge, discovery and use of Theran earth in the Mediterranean (from the end of the eighteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth century)
vol. 33 (1): 67-88
Memorial soliloquies in post-colonial Rhodes and the ghost of Mediterranean cosmopolitanism
vol. 33 (1): 89-110
Globalisation and the Roman world: world history, connectivity and material culture, edited by Martin Pitts and Miguel John Versluys
vol. 33 (1): 111-114