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Museum History Journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts, proposals for edited collections of thematically related papers, and proposals for symposium and conference-session proceedings. We interpret "museum" broadly to provide a multidisciplinary forum for studies of a variety of museum-related topics including the histories of institutions, exhibitions, collections, architecture, and individuals’ biographies. Museum types may include not only anthropology, archaeology, art, history, medical, natural history, and science and technology, but related institutions, such as aquaria, arboreta, archives, botanical gardens, historical societies and sites, planetariums, and zoos as well. We also encourage fresh scholarly approaches that integrate historical studies with the methodologies of other humanities and social science disciplines.

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Latest articles

Volume 9 (1)

Jeffrey Abt, vol. 9 (1): 1-2
Filling in the Picture: Nineteenth-Century Museums in Spanish and Portuguese America
Irina Podgorny, vol. 9 (1): 3-12
The National Museum of Mexico: 1825–1867
Miruna Achim, vol. 9 (1): 13-28
The Creation of the National Museum of Colombia (1823–1830): A History of Collections, Collectors, and Museums
María Paola Rodríguez-Prada, vol. 9 (1): 29-44
Brazilian Ark: The Museum of the Instituto Geográfico e Histórico da Bahia (1894–1927)
Suely Moraes Ceravolo, vol. 9 (1): 45-59
Just and Patriotic: Creating a National Museum in Guatemala (1831–1930)
Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos, vol. 9 (1): 60-76
A Museum in the Heart of Amazonia: One Man's Laboratory
Maria Margaret Lopes, vol. 9 (1): 77-92
Nurturing Collecting and the Trade in Objects: The Formation of the Museu Paulista, 1850s–1910s
Diego Amorim Grola, vol. 9 (1): 93-107
Aesthetic Artefacts or Documents? Museums of Art and History in Late Nineteenth-Century Buenos Aires
Laura Malosetti Costa, vol. 9 (1): 108-120
Natural History Museums in Argentina, 1862–1906
Máximo Farro, vol. 9 (1): 121-134

Volume 8 (2)

The Hypothetical Nature of Architecture in Plimoth Plantation's Pilgrim Village
Jeremy Dupertuis Bangs, vol. 8 (2): 119-146
The Palmach Museum in Tel-Aviv: The Past as a Space of Education, Entertainment, and Discipline
Avner Ben-Amos, vol. 8 (2): 147-167
The ‘Chicago Idea’: Patronage, Authority, and Scientific Autonomy at the Field Columbian Museum, 1893–97
Paul D. Brinkman, vol. 8 (2): 168-187
‘A Most Complete Whaling Museum’: Profiting from the Past on Nantucket Island
Seth C. Bruggeman, vol. 8 (2): 188-208
Soviet Museums and Political Censorship: The Belarusian Experience
Alexander Huzhalouski, vol. 8 (2): 209-222
National Treasures or Just Old Stuff? The Palace Museum's Evacuation to Sichuan
Jeff Kyong-McClain, vol. 8 (2): 223-228
Literature, Museums, and National Identity; or, Why are there So Many Writers' House Museums in Britain?
Linda Young, vol. 8 (2): 229-246
Thresholds of Memory: Representing Function through Space and Object at the Imperial War Museum, London, 1918–2014
Alys Cundy, vol. 8 (2): 247-268

Volume 8 (1)

Cultures of Curating: The Limits of Authority
Sarah Longair, vol. 8 (1): 1-7
Nineteenth-Century Museums and the Shaping of Disciplines: Potentialities and Limitations at Kew’s Museum of Economic Botany
Caroline Cornish, vol. 8 (1): 8-27