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Plains Anthropologist, publishes manuscripts with a focus on anthropological theory, method, and practice as it pertains to the Great Plains in all categories (articles, reports, short contributions, and comments) that synthesize, integrate, and interpret anthropological knowledge of the Great Plains peoples and cultures. Plains Anthropologist is one of the benefits of membership in the Plains Anthropological Society. Manuscripts concerned with areas other than the Great Plains will be considered if they are of theoretical importance or if they bear upon problems of humans in Plains settings.

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Latest articles

Volume 60 (236)

Table of Contents
vol. 60 (236): 0-0
List of chapters, figures and tables
vol. 60 (236): 0-0
Rocky Mountain Archaeology: A Tribute to James Benedict
vol. 60 (236): 287-430

Volume 60 (235)

Editor's Corner
Marcel Kornfeld, vol. 60 (235): 197-198
Scale armor on the North American frontier: Lessons from the John G. Bourke armor
Peter Bleed, vol. 60 (235): 199-222
In search of the Fraeb battlefield and trading post, August 1841
Greg Pierce, vol. 60 (235): 223-245
Clovis points on flakes: A technological variation seen in long distance lithic transport
Christopher D. Wernick, vol. 60 (235): 246-265
Pattern and variety: Remembering Stanley A. Ahler's contributions to Plains Village archaeology
Mark D. Mitchell, vol. 60 (235): 266-278
Book Reviews
Judson Byrd Finley, vol. 60 (235): 279-284

Volume 60 (234)

Editor's Corner
Marcel Kornfeld, vol. 60 (234): 95-97
Picturing the people: Kiowa, Comanche, and Plains Apache postcards
Michelle Stokely, vol. 60 (234): 99-123
Creating a spatial dialogue: A'kee Piskun and attachment to place on the Northwestern Plains
Lindsay M. Amundsen-Meyer, vol. 60 (234): 124-149
The Folsom–Midland component of the Gault site, central Texas: Context, technology, and typology
Robert Lassen, vol. 60 (234): 150-171
Multi-component Paleoindian surface sites in the Great Divide Basin of Wyoming
George C. Frison, vol. 60 (234): 172-192
Book Review
Sebastian Braun, vol. 60 (234): 193-195

Volume 60 (233)

President's Message
Amy C. Bleier, vol. 60 (233): 1-1
Editor's Corner
Marcel Kornfeld, vol. 60 (233): 2-3
Mobile visitors to the Eastern Frontier Pueblos: An archaeological example from Tabirá
Deni J. Seymour, vol. 60 (233): 4-39
Not in warfare alone: Conical timber lodges in the Central Rocky Mountains and Northwestern Plains
Carl M. Davis, vol. 60 (233): 40-71
Correlating etching tool materials with petroglyphs at Writing-On-Stone
Elsa Meaghan Perry, vol. 60 (233): 72-83