Psychoanalysis and History

Psychoanalysis and History is devoted both to the study of the history of psychoanalysis and the application of psychoanalytic ideas to historiography, thus forming a bridge between the academic study of history and psychoanalysis.

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The journal is indexed in the Web of Science (Social Sciences Citation Index) and ranked 22 out of 70 in History, 16 out of 36 in History of Social Sciences and 7 out of 13 in Psychology, Psychoanalysis, with an impact factor of 0.33 (2013).

Published January and July.

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Latest articles

Volume 20 (3)

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vol. 20 (3): -
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vol. 20 (3): -
Omnia El Shakry, vol. 20 (3): 269-275
Cloud, Precinct of the Theological-Historical
Joan Copjec, vol. 20 (3): 277-291
Divine Trial and Experimentum Mentis: The Psychoanalyst, the Imam, and the Ordeal of Madness
Stefania Pandolfo, vol. 20 (3): 293-311
Psychoanalysis and the Imaginary: Translating Freud in Postcolonial Egypt
Omnia El Shakry, vol. 20 (3): 313-335
ʿAli al-Wardi and the Miracles of the Unconscious
Sara Pursley, vol. 20 (3): 337-351
Psychoanalysis under Occupation: Nonviolence and Dialogue Initiatives as a Psychic Extension of the Closure System
Stephen Sheehi, vol. 20 (3): 353-369
Jihad on the Couch
Nouri Gana, vol. 20 (3): 371-386

Volume 20 (2)

Front matter
vol. 20 (2): -
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vol. 20 (2): -
Matt ffytche, vol. 20 (2): 133-135
Freud's Roman Holiday: Dismembering Civilization and its Discontents
Mary Jacobus, vol. 20 (2): 137-164
‘The Times in Which We Live’: Freud's The Uncanny, World War I, and the Trauma of Contagion
John Zilcosky, vol. 20 (2): 165-190
Psychoanalysing Social Issues: Robert Still and the Imago Group
Janet Sayers, vol. 20 (2): 191-203
From de Clérambault's Theory of Mental Automatism to Lacan's Theory of the Psychotic Structure
Stijn Vanheule, vol. 20 (2): 205-228
Tests and Protests: Sigmund Freud/Martha Bernays: Die Brautbriefe. Band 3
Michael Molnar, vol. 20 (2): 229-240
Response to Richard Skues
Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen, vol. 20 (2): 241-248
Jill Salberg and Sue Grand (eds), Wounds of History: Repair and Resilience in the Trans-Generational Transmission of Trauma
Stephen Frosh, vol. 20 (2): 249-252
Omnia El Shakry, The Arabic Freud: Psychoanalysis and Islam in Modern Egypt
Liat Kozma, vol. 20 (2): 253-255