Reformation and Renaissance Review

Reformation & Renaissance Review, (founded 1999) is the journal of the Society for Reformation Studies (founded 1993) that sponsors an annual, open, three-day conference at the University of Cambridge. The Society pays special attention to the dimensions and contexts of religion in the long era of Renaissance and Reformation. Its Presidents have been Peter Stephens, Ian Hazlett, Bruce Gordon, Gerald Hobbs, David Bagchi, and Tony Lane. Current office-bearers include Jon Balserak and Charlotte Methuen. Members of the Society are entitled to a reduced subscription to R&RR.

A peer-reviewed journal of three issues per year, online and in print, R&RR provides an international platform for scholars, established and emerging, to publish research articles on any aspect of religious thought and life, theology and culture, from the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries. This embraces Christian Humanist, Roman Catholic, Protestant as well as various other alternative approaches to reform, change and continuity in church and society. It may also include interaction with other religions in Europe. Contributions from cognate disciplines or related fields of enquiry that bear on faith, its practice and on cultural religious phenomena are also sought. While welcoming studies in national, regional, local or biographical contexts, the Review aims especially to encourage work on the Reformation and Catholic reform as pan-European movements with an ambivalent relationship to Renaissance humanism. Journal Issues contain contributions offering fresh perspectives, developments or evidence as well as reappraisals of current consensus on a topic of interest.

In addition, the R&RR has a section for Book Reviews to alert readers to wider research outcomes and to encourage critical discussion.

Accompanying articles and book reviews, the scope of the journal now includes a section of edited texts and documents. This includes fifteenth- to seventeenth-century sources published originally in various languages (or republished) between c. 1500 and our own century, but here in English translation for the first time. Such material may be anything, very small or fairly large, and extends to bibliographical presentations. Less well-known, early modern, English language texts can also be offered in a modernized form. Selections from manuscript archival material in a variety of languages with accompanying translations are also envisaged.

While the normal language of the journal is English, the Editorial Team is prepared to consider the occasional publication of an article written in French or German when an English translation of sufficiently high quality cannot be provided.

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Latest articles

Volume 17 (2)

Ian Hazlett, vol. 17 (2): 113-115
Gender, mysticism, and enthusiasm in the British post-Reformation
Sarah Apetrei, vol. 17 (2): 116-128
Gender and the spectacle of the Cross: Aemilia Lanyer in context
Lucy Busfield, vol. 17 (2): 129-141
Taming husbands: women's use of Protestant moral codes in post-Reformation separation cases in the German county of Lippe
Iris Fleßenkämper, vol. 17 (2): 142-154
The significance of English antinomianism for Anna Trapnel
Whitney G. Gamble, vol. 17 (2): 155-166
Reformation, gender, and sexuality in Switzerland: two case studies
Kaspar von Greyerz, vol. 17 (2): 167-180
Brotherhood, sisterhood, and the language of gender in the German Reformation
Kat Hill, vol. 17 (2): 181-195
Eve in early Reformation exegesis: the case of Iohannes Oecolampadius
Mickey L. Mattox, vol. 17 (2): 196-205

Volume 17 (1)

Ian Hazlett, vol. 17 (1): 3-3
Editors' Introduction
Piotr Wilczek, vol. 17 (1): 4-8
The Reformation in sixteenth-century Poland: a success story or a failure?
Jacek Wijaczka, vol. 17 (1): 9-26
Reformed church buildings in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the early-modern period*
Piotr Birecki, vol. 17 (1): 27-43
Hebraica veritas in the Brest Bible
Rajmund Pietkiewicz, vol. 17 (1): 44-62
The current state of research by Polish linguists on the Brest Bible: an overview
Stanisław Koziara, vol. 17 (1): 63-72
The Brest Bible and other Polish translations of the Bible in the poetical works of Erazm Otwinowski
Piotr Wilczek, vol. 17 (1): 73-81
The Brest Bible: trinitarian and Christological issues
RafaŁ Marcin Leszczyński, vol. 17 (1): 82-96
The transconfessional character of the doctrine of justification and its depiction on the title page of the Brest Bible
Aurelia Zduńczyk, vol. 17 (1): 97-109

Volume 16 (3)

Fifth Refo Conference
vol. 16 (3): 1-1
Society for Reformation Studies
vol. 16 (3): 1-1
Fifth Reforc Conference May 7-9, 2015, Leuven
vol. 16 (3): 1-1