Scottish Historical Review

The Scottish Historical Review is the premier journal in the field of Scottish Historical Studies, covering all periods of Scottish history from the early to the modern, encouraging a variety of historical approaches.

Contributors are regarded as authoritative in their subject area; the pages of the journal are regularly graced by leading Scottish historians.

In addition to its extensive book reviews, the Scottish Historical Review supports the compilation of List of Articles in Scottish History and List of Essays on Scottish History in Books, which cover articles published in the preceding year which is included in the Bibliography of British and Irish History.

Published Apr & Oct

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Latest articles

Volume 97 (2)

Front matter
vol. 97 (2): -
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vol. 97 (2): -
Plague, Covenants, and Confession: The Strange Case of Ayr, 1647–8
Michelle Brock, vol. 97 (2): 129-152
A Protestant Purgatory? Visions of an Intermediate State in Eighteenth-century Scotland
Martha McGill, vol. 97 (2): 153-186
The Importance of Being a Reservist: The Royal Navy Reserve and the Highlands and Islands, c.1875–1939
Ben Thomas, vol. 97 (2): 187-210
Scots in ‘English Ireland’ in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries
Stephen Hewer, vol. 97 (2): 211-217
John Scot of Scotstarvet (1585–1670) and John Ray (1567–1630)
Jamie Reid-Baxter, vol. 97 (2): 218-219
Crooks, Green and Ormrod (eds), The Plantagenet Empire, 1259–1453: Proceedings of the 2014 Harlaxton Symposium
Morvern French, vol. 97 (2): 220-222
Penman, Robert the Bruce: King of the Scots
Iain MacInnes, vol. 97 (2): 222-223
Brown and Stevenson (eds), Medieval St Andrews: Church, Cult, City
Amy Blakeway, vol. 97 (2): 223-225
Wingfield, The Trojan Legend in Medieval Scottish Literature
Caitlin Flynn, vol. 97 (2): 225-227
MacKenzie, The Solemn League and Covenant of the Three Kingdoms and the Cromwellian Union, 1643–1663
Chris R. Langley, vol. 97 (2): 227-228
Furniss, Discovering the Footsteps of Time: Geological Travel Writing about Scotland, 1700–1820
Sophie Drescher, vol. 97 (2): 229-230
Susato, Hume's Sceptical Enlightenment
Pedro Faria, vol. 97 (2): 230-232
Hughes, The Scots in Victorian and Edwardian Belfast: A Study in Elite Migration
Andrew R. Holmes, vol. 97 (2): 232-233

Volume 96 (2)

Front matter
vol. 96 (2): -
Back matter
vol. 96 (2): -
Sheltering under the Covenant: The National Covenant, Orthodoxy and the Irish Rebellion, 1638–1644
Chris R. Langley, vol. 96 (2): 137-160
The Origins of the New Statistical Account of Scotland
Ian Hill, vol. 96 (2): 161-186
‘Bottom dog men’: Disability, Social Welfare and Advocacy in the Scottish Coalfields in the Interwar Years, 1918–1939
Angela Turner, vol. 96 (2): 187-213