Settler Colonial Studies

Settler Colonial Studies was established to respond to a growing demand for reflection and critical scholarship on settler colonialism as a distinct social and historical formation. The journal aims to establish settler colonial studies as a distinct field of scholarly research. Scholars and students will find and contribute to historically-oriented research and analyses covering contemporary issues. We also aim to present multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research, involving areas like history, law, genocide studies, indigenous, colonial and postcolonial studies, anthropology, historical geography, economics, politics, sociology, international relations, political science, literary criticism, cultural and gender studies and philosophy.

Publishes 4 issues a year.

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Volume 9 (2)

Urbanizing settler-colonial studies: introduction to the special issue
Libby Porter, vol. 9 (2): 177-186
Urbanisation and Indigenous dispossession: rethinking the spatio-legal imaginary in Chile vis-à-vis the Mapuche nation
Magdalena Ugarte, vol. 9 (2): 187-206
‘A forest of urbanization’: Camp Metropolis in the edge areas
Noura Alkhalili, vol. 9 (2): 207-226
Urban aloha ‘aina: Kaka‘ako and a decolonized right to the city
Tina Grandinetti, vol. 9 (2): 227-246
Markets and monarchs: indigenous urbanism in postcolonial Kampala
William Monteith, vol. 9 (2): 247-265
‘Returning resources alone is not enough’: imagining urban planning after Treaty settlements in Aotearoa New Zealand
Brigid Te Ao McCallum Livesey, vol. 9 (2): 266-283
Religious urban decolonization: new mosques/antique cities
Nimrod Luz, vol. 9 (2): 284-300

Volume 9 (1)

Settlers and citizens: a critical view of Israeli society
Yara Hawari, vol. 9 (1): 1-5
Israel, Zionism and emigration anxiety: the case of Israeli academia
Hila Amit, vol. 9 (1): 6-21
Neozionism: portrait of a contemporary hegemony
Hilla Dayan, vol. 9 (1): 22-40
Settler colonial inversions: Israel's ‘disengagement’ and the Gush Katif ‘Museum of Expulsion’ in Jerusalem
Nicola Perugini, vol. 9 (1): 41-58
Reading Abdul Fattah al-Sharif, reading Elor Azaria: anti-Mizrahi racism in the moral economy of Zionist settler colonial violence
James Eastwood, vol. 9 (1): 59-77
The night watchman becomes a mercenary
Shir Hever, vol. 9 (1): 78-95
Palestinian education in the Israeli settler state: divide, rule and control
Ismael Abu-Saad, vol. 9 (1): 96-116
Palestinian women in Israel: embodied citizen strangers
Kim Jezabel Zinngrebe, vol. 9 (1): 117-134
Settler colonialism and ecocide: case study of Al-Khader, Palestine
D. A. Jaber, vol. 9 (1): 135-154
Seeing Israel through Palestine: knowledge production as anti-colonial praxis
Yara Hawari, vol. 9 (1): 155-175