The Sixties: A Journal of History, Politics and Culture

No recent decade has been so powerfully transformative in the United States and much of the world as the 1960s. The era's social movements - from civil rights, to feminism, student and youth protest, environmentalism, and nascent conservativism - dramatically changed the political culture of the developed west. Meanwhile, the decade's decolonization struggles altered the nature and balance of global power. In Communist Europe, incipient democracy movements set the stage for the revolutions that ended the Cold War. Collectively, these movements gave the 1960s their signal identity, and dominate understandings of their historical legacy.

Whether in the United States, or across the globe, no recent decade has had such an enduring grip on politics, culture, and consciousness as the 1960s.

The Sixties: A Journal of History, Politics and Culture, features cross-disciplinary, accessible and cutting-edge scholarship from academics and public intellectuals. In addition to research essays and book reviews, The Sixties includes conversations, interviews, graphics, and analyses of the ways the 1960s continue to be constructed in contemporary popular culture.

2 issues per year.

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Latest articles

Volume 11 (2)

Fighting the “hurricane winds” of abortion liberalization: Americans United for life and the struggle for self-definition before Roe v. Wade
vol. 11 (2): 131-155
Confrontational continuum: modernism and the psychedelic art of Martin Sharp
vol. 11 (2): 156-182
The Joint Show: high art in the Summer of Love
vol. 11 (2): 183-222
1968 at Year 50
vol. 11 (2): 223-223
Legacies of 1968
vol. 11 (2): 224-226
1968: yesterday and today
vol. 11 (2): 227-231
Why we care about 1968
vol. 11 (2): 232-236
Why do we still care about 1968?
vol. 11 (2): 237-240
Contracultura: alternative arts and social transformation in authoritarian Brazil
vol. 11 (2): 241-243
Black performance on the outskirts of the left: a history of the impossible
vol. 11 (2): 243-245
The dying city: postwar New York and the ideology of fear
vol. 11 (2): 246-247
Radical intellect: Liberator magazine and Black activism in the 1960s
vol. 11 (2): 247-249
Cuban revolution in America: Havana and the making of a United States left, 1968–1992
vol. 11 (2): 249-251
Organic resistance: the struggle over industrial farming in postwar France
vol. 11 (2): 252-254
The hippie trail: a history, 1957-1978
vol. 11 (2): 254-257
A time to stir: Columbia ’68
vol. 11 (2): 257-259
Runaway: Gregory Bateson, the double bind, and the rise of ecological consciousness
vol. 11 (2): 259-262
The revolution has come: Black Power, gender, and the Black Panther Party in Oakland
vol. 11 (2): 262-264
The British anti-psychiatrists: from institutional psychiatry to the counter-culture, 1960-1971
vol. 11 (2): 264-267
New Voices, New Visions
vol. 11 (2): 268-270