Slavery & Abolition

Slavery & Abolition is the only journal devoted in its entirety to a discussion of the demographic, socio-economic, historical and psychological aspects of human bondage from the ancient period to the present. It is also concerned with the dismantling of the slave systems and with the legacy of slavery. The journal publishes research articles, comments, reflections and review articles. There are frequent special thematic issues and an important annual bibliographical supplement on slavery which provides the only comprehensive listing of books and articles in the field.

4 issues per year.

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Latest articles

Volume 40 (1)

The travail of Delaware slave families in the early republic
vol. 40 (1): 1-27
Stolen looks, people unbound: picturing contraband people during the civil war
vol. 40 (1): 28-60
Freedom at the fringes? Slave flight and empire-building in the early modern Spanish borderlands of Essequibo–Venezuela and Louisiana–Texas
vol. 40 (1): 61-86
Making freedom work: the long transition from slavery to freedom during the Haitian Revolution
vol. 40 (1): 87-108
‘Book don’t feed our children’: Nonconformist missionaries and the British and Foreign School Society in the development of elementary education in the British West Indies before and after emancipation
vol. 40 (1): 109-129
Colonial collaborators: Britain and the Catholic Church in Trinidad, c. 1820–1840
vol. 40 (1): 130-146
Slavery, ‘respectability,’ and being ‘freeborn’ on the shores of nineteenth-century Lake Tanganyika
vol. 40 (1): 147-167
Viral video ‘blood chocolate’ activism, millennial anti-trafficking, and the neoliberal resurgence of shaming
vol. 40 (1): 168-198
Jihad in West Africa during the age of revolutions
vol. 40 (1): 199-200
Medicalizing blackness: making racial difference in the Atlantic World, 1780–1840
vol. 40 (1): 201-202
Toussaint Louverture: the story of the only succesful slave revolt in history
vol. 40 (1): 202-204
New England bound: slavery and colonization in early America
vol. 40 (1): 204-205
The stormy present: conservativism and the problem of slavery in northern politics, 1846–1865
vol. 40 (1): 205-206
In the shadow of Dred Scott: St Louis freedom suits and the legal culture of slavery in Antebellum America
vol. 40 (1): 207-208
New directions in the study of African American recolonization
vol. 40 (1): 208-211
The slaveholding crisis: fear of insurrection and the coming of the Civil War,
vol. 40 (1): 211-213
Exquisite slaves: race, clothing and status in Colonial Lima
vol. 40 (1): 213-214
Slavery and silence: Latin America and the U.S. slave debate
vol. 40 (1): 215-216
Crossing the line: early Creole Novels and Anglophone Caribbean culture in the age of emancipation
vol. 40 (1): 216-218

Volume 39 (4)

‘Thrown upon the world’: valuing infants in the eighteenth-century North American slave market
vol. 39 (4): 623-641