Social History

Social History publishes articles, reviews and debates of high quality historical analysis. The editors also seek to encourage more experimental formats of presentation, which move away from the structure of the formal scholarly article. These may take the form of interventions that invoke discussion, provoke argument, enter criticism and create new space for analysis. Social History is committed to developing a broad geographical basis. Research on all parts of the world will be considered, and the editors would particularly like to encourage work on areas such as Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America. As well as medieval, early modern and nineteenth-century history, Social History aims to extend its coverage of twentieth-century work. The journal is dedicated to providing a forum for theoretical debate and innovation on questions of social formations, genders, classes and ethnicities and is open to approaches from other fields such as sociology, social anthropology, politics, economics and demography. In this light, the editors are committed to making the journal as wide ranging as possible conceptually, certainly going beyond recent struggles associated with post-structuralism. While recognising the important contributions made in these exchanges, the editors wish to see a move away from radical divisions drawn between the social and the cultural.


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Latest articles

Volume 44 (1)

My own flesh and blood: stratified parental compassion and law in Korean slavery
vol. 44 (1): 1-25
Migration to London and the development of the north–south divide, 1851–1911
vol. 44 (1): 26-56
Police violence and judicial bias in the age of mass democracy: Glasgow, 1933–1935
vol. 44 (1): 57-85
Raising a true socialist individual: Yugoslav psychoanalysis and the creation of democratic Marxist citizens
vol. 44 (1): 86-115
What is the History of Emotions?
vol. 44 (1): 116-149
Heirs of the Vikings: history and identity in Normandy and England, c.950–c.1015
vol. 44 (1): 118-120
Trees in England: management and disease since 1600
vol. 44 (1): 120-121
Disaffection and Everyday Life in Interregnum England
vol. 44 (1): 121-123
Plebeian Modernity: social practices, illegality and the urban poor in Russia, 1906–1916
vol. 44 (1): 123-125
Reparations for Slavery and the Slave Trade: a transnational and comparative history
vol. 44 (1): 125-127
Africans in English Caricature, 1769–1819: black jokes, white humour
vol. 44 (1): 127-128
The Science and Politics of Race in Mexico and the United States, 1910–1950
vol. 44 (1): 128-130
The Paradox of Paternalism: women and the politics of authoritarianism in the Dominican Republic
vol. 44 (1): 130-132
The Politics of Culture in Turkey, Greece and Cyprus: performing the Left since the sixties
vol. 44 (1): 132-134
Ambassadors of the Working Class: Argentina’s international labor activists and Cold War democracy in the Americas
vol. 44 (1): 134-136
Our Frontier Is the World: the Boy Scouts in the age of American ascendancy
vol. 44 (1): 136-137
The International Co-operative Alliance and the Consumer Co-operative Movement in Northern Europe, c. 1860–1939
vol. 44 (1): 137-139
Health Education Films in the Twentieth Century
vol. 44 (1): 139-141
Machines of Youth: America’s car obsession
vol. 44 (1): 141-143
Litigating Across the Color Line: civil cases between black and white Southerners from the end of slavery to civil rights
vol. 44 (1): 143-144