Studies in Conservation

Studies in Conservation is the premier international peer-reviewed journal for the conservation of historic and artistic works. The intended readership includes the conservation professional in the broadest sense of the term: practising conservators of all types of object, conservation, heritage and museum scientists,  collection or conservation managers, teachers and students of conservation, and academic researchers in the subject areas of arts, archaeology, the built heritage, materials history, art technological research and material culture.

Studies in Conservation publishes original work on a range of subjects including, but not limited to, examination methods for works of art, new research in the analysis of artistic materials, mechanisms of deterioration, advances in conservation practice, novel methods of treatment, conservation issues in display and storage, preventive conservation, issues of collection care, conservation history and ethics, and the history of materials and technological processes. Scientific content is not necessary, and the editors encourage the submission of practical articles, review papers, position papers on best practice and the philosophy and ethics of collecting and preservation, to help maintain the traditional balance of the journal. Whatever the subject matter, accounts of routine procedures are not accepted, except where these lead to results that are sufficiently novel and/or significant to be of general interest.

There is no minimum or maximum length for an article. However, succinct contributions are welcome, while authors of papers longer than 10,000 words may be asked to abridge their manuscripts. IIC’s Reviews in Conservation was incorporated into Studies in Conservation in 2011, so longer review articles now fall within the scope of the journal and are encouraged. For more detailed information on preparation of manuscripts and the submission procedure, potential authors are referred to the Instructions for Authors link in the right-hand menu.

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Latest articles

Volume 60 (6)

Chandra L. Reedy, vol. 60 (6): 341-342
Terahertz imaging applied to the examination of artistic objects
Emmanuel Abraham, vol. 60 (6): 343-352
Spectroscopic analysis of artists’ pigments and materials used in southern Swedish painted wall hangings from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
Ingalill Nyström, vol. 60 (6): 353-367
Detection of proteinaceous binders in ancient Chinese textiles by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
Yang Zhou, vol. 60 (6): 368-374
Mechanical properties of wool and cotton yarns used in twenty-first century tapestry: Preparing for the future by understanding the present
Margaret J. Smith, vol. 60 (6): 375-383
Aseismic behaviors of ancient Chinese structures strengthened by different methods
Qian Zhou, vol. 60 (6): 384-392
Advances in identifying archaeological traces of horn and other keratinous hard tissues
Sonia O'Connor, vol. 60 (6): 393-417
vol. 60 (6): 418-418

Volume 60 (5)

Forbes Prize Lecture 2014 by Dr Jixiang Shan
vol. 60 (5): 279-283
Micro-mechanism elucidation of the effects of dehydration on waterlogged historic silk (Bombyx mori) by near-infrared spectroscopy
Decai Gong, vol. 60 (5): 284-290
Conservation and authenticity: Interactions and enquiries
David A. Scott, vol. 60 (5): 291-305
Incident preparedness at the National Gallery: Developing a grab bag for rapid response to a corrosive attack
Morwenna Blewett, vol. 60 (5): 306-320
Consolidation and chromatic reintegration of historical renders with lime-based pozzolanic products
Patricia Pascoal, vol. 60 (5): 321-332
Preliminary tests for mechanical properties of wooden ‘buttons’ used for attaching auxiliary supports behind panel paintings
Paola Mazzanti, vol. 60 (5): 333-339

Volume 60 (4)

Original and reformulated BEVA® 371: Composition and assessment as a consolidant for painted surfaces
Rebecca Ploeger, vol. 60 (4): 217-226
Partially hydrolyzed poly(vinyl acetate)-borax-based gel-like materials for conservation of art: Characterization and applications
Lora Vihrova Angelova, vol. 60 (4): 227-244
The combined use of cross-section analysis and other stratigraphic recording systems in the cleaning of two panel paintings from the fifteenth- and sixteenth-century
José Manuel Barros García, vol. 60 (4): 245-252
Evaluation of sodium nitrite as a corrosion inhibitor for USS Monitor artifacts
Elsa Sangouard, vol. 60 (4): 253-266
An overview of the restoration of monuments and listed buildings in Cyprus from antiquity until the twenty-first century
Maria Philokyprou, vol. 60 (4): 267-277

Volume 60 (3)

Chandra L. Reedy, vol. 60 (3): 141-142