Tel Aviv: Journal of the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv is a peer-reviewed international journal that publishes articles on current archaeological investigations in the southern Levant and critical studies related to the history and culture of Near Eastern civilisations. While the journal features articles dealing with the classical and prehistoric periods, its primary focus is on the biblical and protohistoric periods.

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Latest articles

Volume 42 (2)

The Iron IIA Judahite Temple at Tel Moza
Shua Kisilevitz, vol. 42 (2): 147-164
A Seated Queen Hathor Statue from Amenhotep III's 33rd Regnal Year at Serabit el-Khadim
Meindert Dijkstra, vol. 42 (2): 165-176
A Late Iron IIA Destruction Layer at Tel Aphek in the Sharon Plain
Assaf Kleiman, vol. 42 (2): 177-232
Recent Excavations Near the Gihon Spring and Their Reflection on the Character of Iron II Jerusalem
Joe Uziel, vol. 42 (2): 233-250
The Late 4th/3rd Century BCE Transition in the Judean Hinterland in Light of the Pottery of Khirbet Qeiyafa
Débora Sandhaus, vol. 42 (2): 251-271
vol. 42 (2): 272-272

Volume 42 (1)

In the Valley of the King: Jerusalem's Rural Hinterland in the 8th-4th Centuries BCE
Yuval Gadot, vol. 42 (1): 3-26
A Reanalysis of the Black Wheel-Made Ware of the Intermediate Bronze Age
Shlomit Bechar, vol. 42 (1): 27-58
The Origins of Late Philistine Decorated Ware: A Note
Aren M. Maeir, vol. 42 (1): 59-66
A New Fragment of Proto-Aeolic Capital from Jerusalem
Doron Ben-ami, vol. 42 (1): 67-71
Abraham's Victory over the Kings of the Four Quadrants in Light of Darius I's Bisitun Inscription
Nadav Na'aman, vol. 42 (1): 72-88
Structural, Technical and Petrographic Analysis of Bullae from the Samaria Papyri
Shira Gurwin, vol. 42 (1): 89-102
Late Persian-Early Hellenistic Remains at Tel ͑Eton
Avraham Faust, vol. 42 (1): 103-126
An Early Roman Hiding Complex at ͑Enot Sho͑im, Central Lower Galilee
Uzi Leibner, vol. 42 (1): 127-143

Volume 41 (2)

Jerusalem’s Population in Antiquity: A Minimalist View
Hillel Geva, vol. 41 (2): 131-160
Goose Keeping, Elite Emulation and Egyptianized Feasting at Late Bronze Lachish
Ido Koch, vol. 41 (2): 161-179
A Study of the Production of Iron Age Clay Figurines from Jerusalem
David Ben-Shlomo, vol. 41 (2): 180-204
New Observations on the Siloam Water System: Tunnels VI and VIII
Asher Grossberg, vol. 41 (2): 205-221
On Population Groups in the Documents from the Time of the First Sealand Dynasty
Ran Zadok, vol. 41 (2): 222-237
Distribution of Kefar Hananya Type Kitchenware in Roman Period Golan: The Data from the Surveys
Chaim Ben David, vol. 41 (2): 238-254