Textile History

Textile History is an internationally recognised, peer reviewed journal and one of the leading publications in its field. It is viewed as an important outlet for current research. Published in the spring and autumn of each year, its remit has always been to facilitate the publication of high-quality research and discussion in all aspects of scholarship arising from the history of textiles and dress.

Since its foundation the scope of the journal has been substantially expanded to include articles dealing with aspects of the cultural and social history of apparel and textiles, as well as issues arising from the exhibition, preservation and interpretation of historic textiles or clothing. Textile History reviews a wide cross-section of books from all parts of the world, dealing with any aspect of textile and clothing history; the Book Reviews Editor is happy to consider books for review that have been published in any of the languages which fall within the bounds of scholarship in its fields.

Textile History welcomes high-quality submissions based on original research from a wide range of scholarly perspectives including economic, social, art, design and cultural history, as well as material culture studies from a historical perspective. Submissions from both established and younger scholars are welcome.

The journal regularly publishes Exhibition Reviews and Object Lessons; the former offer important discussion of major public exhibitions of dress and textiles, while the latter element of the journal illustrates the ways in which the study of objects can inform analysis in scholarly research. The Research Notes section is intended for brief comments or limited discussion of particular issues not requiring a major article.

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Latest articles

Volume 46 (2)

Editors’ Note
Kaori O’Connor, vol. 46 (2): 143-145
Asian Textiles in the Carreira da Índia: Portuguese Trade, Consumption and Taste, 1500–1700
Maria João Ferreira, vol. 46 (2): 147-168
Japanese Saris: Dress, Globalisation and Multiple Migrants
Amy Jane Barnes, vol. 46 (2): 169-188
‘It Was an Imitashon to be Sure’: The Imitation Indian Shawl in Design Reform and Imaginative Fiction
Suchitra Choudhury, vol. 46 (2): 189-212
Māori Textiles from Puketoi Station, Otago, New Zealand
Moira White, vol. 46 (2): 213-234
Textiles and Farewells: Revisiting the Grave Goods of King Alfonso VIII of Castile and Queen Eleanor Plantagenet
María Barrigón, vol. 46 (2): 235-257
Conference Reviews
vol. 46 (2): 258-261
Exhibition Reviews
MarionHingston Lamb, vol. 46 (2): 262-272
Book Reviews
vol. 46 (2): 273-281

Volume 46 (1)

Editors’ Note
Mary M. Brooks, vol. 46 (1): 1-2
Pulled Tight and Gleaming: The Stocking’s Position within Eighteenth-Century Masculinity
Elisabeth Gernerd, vol. 46 (1): 3-27
The Role of Rural Textile Production in South-West German Emigration: Württemberg Communities in the Early Nineteenth Century
James Boyd, vol. 46 (1): 28-49
Botta Adorno, Empress Maria Theresa and Brussels Tapestry. Part II
Koenraad Brosens, vol. 46 (1): 50-69
John Smedley: The Establishment of a Tradition in Fine Knitwear (1), c. 1750–1874
Stanley Chapman and Jane Middleton-Smith, vol. 46 (1): 70-98
The ‘Despised Trade’ in Textiles: H. G. Wells, William Paine, Charles Cavers and the Male Draper’s Life, 1870–1914
Deborah Wynne, vol. 46 (1): 99-113
Conference Reviews
vol. 46 (1): 114-119
Exhibition Reviews
vol. 46 (1): 120-130
Book Reviews
vol. 46 (1): 131-139
Society information/news
vol. 46 (1): 140-142

Volume 45 (2)

Editors’ Note
vol. 45 (2): 143-144