War & Society

War & Society publishes scholarly articles on the causes, experience and impact of war in all periods of history. While articles dealing with the technical and operational aspects of warfare are considered for publication, the journal's main emphasis is on the broader relationships between warfare and society. The scope of articles published since May 1983 ranges in time from Ancient Greece to the 20th century from the USSR and Europe to North America, Asia, Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

War & Society is published on behalf of the School of Humanities & Social Sciences, University of New South Wales, Australia.

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Latest articles

Volume 34 (3)

vol. 34 (3): 161-161
The Seventy Years War, 1744–1815, and Britain’s Fiscal-Naval State
Anthony Page, vol. 34 (3): 162-186
Three Portrayals of ‘Sacrifice’: Representations of the Deaths of the ‘shishi’, Yokogawa Shōzō and Oki Teisuke
James Boyd, vol. 34 (3): 187-208
The First World War and Public School Ethos: The Case of Uppingham School
Timothy Halstead, vol. 34 (3): 209-229
Intersecting Identities: Race, Military Affiliation, and Youth Attitudes towards War
Morten G. Ender, vol. 34 (3): 230-246

Volume 34 (2)

Introduction: Untold Legacies of the First World War in Britain
Alison S. Fell, vol. 34 (2): 85-89
Early Experiments in Civil–Military Cooperation: The South-Eastern and Chatham Railway and the Port of Boulogne, 1914–15
Christopher Phillips, vol. 34 (2): 90-104
Neutral Caregivers or Military Support? The British Red Cross, the Friends’ Ambulance Unit, and the Problems of Voluntary Medical Aid in Wartime
Jessica Meyer, vol. 34 (2): 105-120
Agricultural Modernity as a Product of the Great War: The Founding of the Official Seed Testing Station for England and Wales, 1917–1921
Dominic Berry, vol. 34 (2): 121-139
Patterns of Dissent in Britain during the First World War
Cyril Pearce, vol. 34 (2): 140-159

Volume 34 (1)

Rehorsing the Huns
Cameron Barnes, vol. 34 (1): 1-22
‘The merchant has neither faith nor country’: Naval Mobilization and Colonial Loyalties in Hong Kong, 1933–1967
Daniel Owen Spence, vol. 34 (1): 23-42
Will-to-Fight: Japan’s Imperial Institution and the U.S. Strategy to End World War II
Eric S. Fowler, vol. 34 (1): 43-64
Reactions of the Governments of Nigeria and Biafra to the Role of the Catholic Church in the Nigeria–Biafra War
Jacinta C. Nwaka, vol. 34 (1): 65-83